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    Indian Politics-Our fault or nature's?

    When I was a kid, I used to hear the bad state of the political scenario in our country. Wherever I went, whether school, home or tuitions, everyone used to comment on the corruption and criticize leaders. A particular statement that everyone used to say was "The poor state of India is due to the corrupt political leaders." Everyone used to say during elections that whosoever we vote, nothing is going to change much. Our teachers and elders used to say that we are the future of the nation and only we can improve politics. As I turned 18 and it came the time to vote for the Lok Sabha Elections, few of my friends were quick to advise me to vote for a particular candidate as they had some far off relations with them and if he won, he could help me if any personal problem came.

    So, the question came in my mind was that isn't it our fault that the country is facing such a bad political phase? Don't we try to vote for the candidate who is somehow linked to us so that he can help us in our personal needs rather than thinking of the greater good? If our elders had voted the candidate who would have worked for the city rather than who could have worked for their personal benefits, the present state would have been better?

    I live in one of the major industrial cities of India and the same political party has been winning in every election for the past 30 years. There has been no major development. On one hand, our parents want that we children should vote for the betterment of the country whereas on the other hand, during elections, they tell us to vote for a particular party due to good family relations with the party. Think, its our fault or nature's?
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    A thought provoking thread by the author. We talk many good things and blame others but when the time of choosing a leader with our vote comes then we flow with the local stream of nepotism. When will we come out from this mentality of deception?

    This behaviour is not only in voting activity but in our life most of us doing these things in every sphere of life and the ultimate result of these actions culminates in a bad society and eventually deterioration in the national culture.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Indian politics is a system created and run by human beings and any natural forces despite nature has influence on each and everyone. Although, it we, people of India who votes for these politicians and bases on which the political atmosphere takes place. So, in my opinion, we shall not shift blame on nature for the whatever the condition of India's politics time being.
    The nation where people are greedy and gives votes for freebies are themselves actually corrupt who are taking bribe for votes and therefore such people have no right to expect a corruption free Government.
    The nation where people votes by looking at caste of the politician has no right to expect elimination of divisive politics.
    The nation where people are involved in tax evasion practices and does not pay their liability of taxes have no right to expect from Govt. to spend money for development and their benefits.

    It is we, the people, who is supposed to change our mindset and conducts and then after blame others.

    "Words are precious, ought to be used wisely." - Umang Shah

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    I agree that the voters or the citizens of the country are responsible for the politicians to become corrupt. The people of India were more interested in getting their works done in an easy way through somebody in power by using their influence. They never think that because of their act a real deserving candidate is at a loss.
    Taking money during elections for voting is another problem in India. These days people started taking money from everybody and vote for the candidate who had given them more money. All this money will be spent by the candidate. So once he comes to power his immediate agenda will be to get back the money what he has spent with interest and he will try to get more money so that he can spend it again in the next elections. Here we can't blame the politicians alone. This is the people who are making the politicians more corrupt and the public is encouraging the corrupted politicians only.
    In AP in one of the constituencies an ex CBI officer who investigated the corruption cases of a leader contested but lost the elections. This officer is very well known for his decent and pair practices. But the public never opted for him,

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