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    Why should we visit historical places?

    Recently I went to Qutub Minar along with my kids. I knew it that the kids won't like the place as there is nothing for kids to enjoy the place except for the ruins of Minar. I understood their mentality and tried to answer their query regarding what's there to see in the place.

    With respect to culture, old buildings help us to understand the history that occurred before we were born and promotes respect for those who lived in that time and had different traditions.

    Visiting historical places let them know about the history of our country and know about the people who used to live in the past which is very important for them to know.

    My kids were still upset as they said it would have been better if they would have gone to watch a movie. It's tough to make them understand hopefully when they grow up they will understand the importance of visiting historical places, themselves.
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    I must say, visiting historic places helps us understand the not only history but tendency of culture of that constituency and also helps us the reason behind behaviour of people of that constituency.
    Let me share my experience. I have visited Rajasthan severally and whenever i visit those big palaces and learn about rich heritage built by our great kings, we can understand the importance of value of paintings, handmade vessels and many other arts and the level of creativity of people of Rajasthan.
    Even, whenever i learn about the bravery of Kings during various wars whether Maharana Pratap or any other king, it creates sense of nationalism and inspiration to protect and fight for our motherland.
    Because we gets opportunities to travel around, we learn the geographic situation of that constituency and we may also learn many regional languages as well.
    In short, in my opinion, visiting historical places is not merely visit or travelling but it is a whole package to learn new things in various dimensions.
    So, it is my opinion that visits of historical places must be mandatory for school children in order to learn and develop their understanding and importance of our rich heritage and culture.
    Nowadays, new draft of education policy is coming and it shall include this idea.

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    Children search for an element of fun in every activity, and when they find little or nothing of interest they show their disapproval. My husband was posted in Delhi when my daughter was young and we would go on picnics to all the historical places that I had visited as a child.

    My daughter was at an age where she didn't understand the relevance of history or historical monuments. I took it upon myself to get her interested by talking about the place before the visit, reading up the history in the encyclopedia, showing her pictures etc. Later when we'd visit the place she'd become excited at discovering the facts in the ruins, just as she had heard me read out to her.

    We'd maintain a scrapbook where she'd stick entry tickets and write a small essay about the trip as well as draw pictures and stick photographs that we had clicked. You have to get kids interested.

    As she grew up she began reading about the history of the world and the various civilizations, all on her own. Today she travels and explores the world and has already visited many of the man-made wonders of the world (old and new) and the natural wonders of the world. Last month she trekked to Machu Picchu, something she had always wanted to visit. The seeds of interest were sown in her as a child.

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    Visiting historical places is good in many ways. It improves our knowledge of history. It makes us understand how the old timers are different from the present day generation. How difficult were their lives those days when compared to our present-day living. It helps us to know various cultures in society those days and how they are getting changed over a period of time. Another advantage we will have is that we will get a chance to interact with many people directly during the visit and it will become is to know the differences among the people based on the growth ways and means.
    But children may not like it because still, they will not be in a position to appreciate the knowledge gaining. They like to play with the same age people or try to spend some time in playgrounds. They feel that history is of no use. It is good to see that the children will enjoy these visits. We should prepare them well and who should make them be eager to visit a particular place.
    Mentoring them and making them understand the importance of these historical places and see that they will get
    satisfied with the visit is the responsibility of the people with that boy/girl.

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    Generally, children love fun and they love to play. When we go to historical places, we enjoy to see and know about the places. But children always try to search for some fun element. If they don't get it they will feel disappointed. But few children enjoy to know about and to visit the historical places. They very enthusiasm to visit such places.

    When I am doing my graduation, we with my family members, cousins and their families a total of 20 members went to tour and enjoyed a lot. We went to Ellora cave, Ajanta caves, mini Tajmahal, etc. It was so fun to explore these places and to know new things.


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    We all should admit one fact that our ancestors were more knowledgeable and enterprising than us in all respects. Certain historical monuments what we see today is beyond our imagination. In olden days they did not had any aid of technology. Despite this creation and construction of such monuments is adorable. Visiting these historical places is an inspiration , particularly to children.
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    It is true that children will not like such places until they grow a bit and are well aware of the place they are going with a background story about it. As Juana Madam has well illustrated in her post it is very true that we the parents should inculcate some interest in them so that they do not feel bored there.
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    Visiting historical places is not everyone's cup of tea. More so for children. For children, they need to be free, enjoy something different, casual or an opportunity to play and explore. An entire day or two at historical sites would make the young children dull and lose interest during the trip or holidays.

    What we did for Mysore visits was to visit Rangathitu bird sanctuary and then go to the Mysore palace, took them to look at the large rooms, the gold throne, the weapons, etc. Hopefully, once they are much older, they would be more interested in visiting these places and learn about their ancestors.

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