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    Is it good to ask such questions from the celebrities?

    Katrina Kaif awaiting for the release of her latest movies Bharat was asked who would be the person if she would like to have a same-sex relationship with, in an interview. She said, Kareena Kapoor.

    It was just a joke but don't you think they just mocked at the people having a different sexual orientation which is a serious and sensitive issue in our country. Don't you think they should do it? I am surprised at how people target others to make it a cause to laugh.
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    I find fault with both the person who questioned and the person who answered. Asking such questions should not be encouraged. The person who asked this question should understand that one should not go into the personal details of the individuals. The person who is answering the question might have taken the asked person to task. Or otherwise, at least she might have preferred not to answer. Even jokes also should be within the limits and I don't enjoy such interviews anytime. Every person will have his own personal likes and dislikes and everybody will have their confidential matters. Why one should try to get into such details and why should we allow them to get into those details?
    always confident

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    I agree with the above reply that, the fault is on both sides. Anchors or media reporters should not ask such stupid questions. And Katrina Kaif might have ignored the question instead of answering. Nowadays many media reporters are asking such stupid questions, I have recently seen an interview of a small celebrity from Tollywood, and who is a transgender.

    And in the interview anchor was asking her personal questions like who will you marry Female or Male, do you have feelings, etc. Which are beyond the limit. I have observed that the celebrity was not comfortable for those questions, she answered some and ignored some.


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    We really are an over-curious lot poking our noses in every opportunity we get, no matter what the subject is. However, gossips are juicier and curiosity rises higher if topics are tabooed and involves sexuality. We speak even if not spoken to, we advise when none cares. We have an opinion in everything, irrespective of whether anyone is seeking it or not. Recently, to my awe and awkwardness, the social media was busy trolling a Bengali actress remarrying third time. Why cannot we just leave people to mind their own businesses while we mind our own?
    Poulami Bakshi

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