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    What are the natural way you try to save from summer ?

    What are the natural way you try to save from summer ? Nowadays temperature is going beyond 45 deg centigrade and coming out means headache. Some people try natural things to avoid hot air and high temperature.

    Can you share some ideas to get benefit and which also can help to save electricity. I mostly use water to make wet window curtain then cool air come inside room .

    Nowadays Rajasthan temperature gone more than 50 oC also I am thinking what will happen in future if same way increment in temperature will go on. Is it really effect of global warming and we all need to be alert and do needful in our surrounding to get some improvement in nature. Anyway God is great at last this all things will maintain nature in future.
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    Try to avoid moving here and there during a very hot time. If it is absolutely necessary to go out try to use a cap on your head and cooling glasses. Wearing light colour clothes is another thing we should do. Consume water that is cooled in a natural clay pot but doesn't take cold water from the refrigerator. Try to consume more water and take at least 3 to 4 litres water a day.
    Don't go for cool drinks. Take more buttermilk with salt. 2 or 3 glasses of very diluted buttermilk with salt will be very good to keep your body cold. Khus khus are available. Better to have them outside the windows and wet them once or twice a day will make the house a better place to stay. Try to use air coolers. The air cooler can be outside the window so that it will take fresh air and circulate. I feel Coolers are better than AC. AC is not good for the environment. The halogen gases that are used in these ACs for decreasing the temperature are not good and they contribute much for global warming.
    Planting as many trees as possible is a must for environment saving and avoiding the temperatures to go up.

    always confident

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    I avoid going out when the mercury is soaring, but whenever I do I carry a flask of iced water to which I add Orange Tang and Orange flavoured glucose powder. I keep sipping this water, along with plain water.

    On my return from my evening walk or jog, I drink a glass of water with rehydration salts (electral powder 4.4 grams sachet) to compensate for the loss of salts. I checked with my doctor who said it is fine to take these salts every day, so long as I drink a lot of water too.

    Include a lot of seasonal fruits watermelon and musk melon and cucumber etc., in your diet. Buttermilk, khus-khus sharbat, roohafzah, fresh lime juice, sattu and buttermilk are also good to beat the heat.

    Adding raw onions to the diet wards off the effects of 'loo' in the summer months. Pudina and raw mango chutney have cooling properties.

    Cover the window panes with thick wads of paper, it acts as insulation and keeps the heat out. Get indoor plants to keep the home cool.

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    Yes, nowadays the temperature is increasing more and more. Try to take lots of water and fresh fruits like watermelon, grapes, musk melon, etc. And also try to take refreshing drinks like buttermilk, lassi, lime juice, etc.

    Also, take sabja (Chia) seeds, soak the sabja seed in a large vessel in the morning and drink from it till evening. Sabja seed cools down our body. This tip is given by the doctor when we visited him to treat heat rashes for my baby. These seeds are also used to decrease weight, we have to soak them in a glass of water in the night and have to drink on the empty stomach in the morning. Like this, if we do for a month, we can see a change.


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    I think we need to save us from hot air its too dangerous this time after 1 pm so my advice to be in home from 1 pm to 4.30 pm after 5 pm is safe to go outside and take care of your kids more because they do not control himself to play outside you need to instruct child .
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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