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    I did see, did hear and would be with you!

    Some quotes by political leaders and political parties would change the scenario of the result of the elections. Whether it be the slogan 'Paanch saal Kejriwal' or 'Abki Baar Modi Sarkar' or the latest one by the new AP Chief Minister's 'I did see, did hear and would be with you!' made those parties rise to power. Andhra's Jagan Reddy made a 3600 K.m 'padayatra' the longest ever marathon walk by any political leader and perhaps this made him be the winner in the recent AP Assembly elections by consolidating his position and knocking down the well experienced political leadership of AP till now.

    Besides many adversaries in his 10 years of political life with many cases of grafting charges (for him they were fabricated by his opponents having revolted against the High command), this young man became all of a sudden a Youth icon by leading his party a great success against all odds. His slogan, "I did see, did hear and would be with you! Give me a chance" really made a difference. Of course, sometimes a good slogan would work too!
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    Yes. His Pada Yatra made the difference. He travelled a lot and made many promises to the people asked them to give a chance. The AP people wanted a change. So they voted for a change. The quote mentioned by the author worked favourably for Jagan
    If we see the votes polled in various constituencies, the Pavan Kalyan's party harmed TDP a lot. In 2014 BJP, TDP and Pavan contested together. Even though the Reddy's party got good % of votes, he couldn't win many seats. But this time all the three parties contested separately and because of this TDP lost 30 to 40 seats.
    In AP a lot of people still consider Caste of the candidate also while they go for voting. This time money was also distributed to Voters in many places. Added to this some of the cabinet ministers of TDP are not very sincere in their jobs and the then CM was not able to control them.
    All these factors collectively favoured Jagan to come to power.

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    Many times in Indian elections, after being cheated by the false promises of some parties, people are disillusioned, dejected and are looking for a change. When an alterantive is presented that look and sounds sincere, people feel why not give it a chance.

    In the recent elections at Mandya, the wife of the late Kannada film legend Mr Ambarish appealed to voters that she did not have money to give, did not know much about polictics but as a daughter-in-law I'm requesting you to vote for me. This changed the tide in her favour and she won comfortably. A similar scenario played out in AP and Mr. Jagan emerged victorious as a hopeful alternative.
    A similar scenario in

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    Politicians to get in to power make many false promises. But after assuming the power they forget the promises. We have been seeing this for many hears. But , we hope that in future the politicians work towards fulfilling the promises.
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