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    The joy of seeing a plant grow. Let us plant more trees.

    Have you ever planted a sapling? Have you also followed it later while watering it or simply to observe its growth. If yes, you have seen a joyful thing. Each new green shoot or leaf expanding day after day brings a joy to us as nature is unfolding its magic in front of us.

    Recently I bought a small sapling of Tulsi (Basil) and planted in a flower pot. It was a small one and had a few leaves. I was just seeing it as new leaves emerged on the top and it started to grow. It gave me a feeling of movement, activeness and dynamism. The plant was taking nutrition from the little wet soil in the pot and was growing. A few days later I saw a few green shoots on its thin stem which were eventually going to become the new branches. The nature has marvellous live engineering in its fold. So systematic and so precise. I was seeing it from very closely and I found myself attached to the baby plant. It was so joyful and interesting to see the growth.

    Movement is life and growth is its reward. Let us plant more trees.
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    In our house, we planted many plants. Myself, My wife, My sons and my daughters in law will do the watering of these plants daily as per the convenience. We have many plants in pots on our terrace and we will see that they will also be watered as required daily. We all take photographs of those plants and flowers and circulate them in our WhatsApp groups. It is an immense pleasure to spend time with the growing plants. These days my small granddaughter is also accompanying me while I do watering.
    To avoid these high temperatures planting trees is the most wanted issue. Everyone should plant trees and nurture them so that they will come up. Trees are useful to mankind in many ways. They give oxygen to you to live in. They give food, they give shelter and they take away unwanted gases from the atmosphere. So it is nice to see that more plants will come up and the atmosphere will cool down and we all will have a pollution free atmosphere.

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    I too like gardening so much. But in our home, we don't have much space to plant. So I brought small pots and kept in my balcony. I usually plant trees which are useful for cooking like coriander, Mint, Tomato, etc. I have also planted an aloe vera plant. It will be so joyful to see plants grow. I like to add fresh and just plucked coriander leaves to the recipes I made.

    My daughter also enjoys to see plants and water them. I explain to her everything about plants like how to sow the seeds, how to water them, how plants grow, buds, flowers, etc. She enjoys planting and feels very happy when they grow. Every one has to grow plants in houses to free the atmoshere from pollution atleast to some extent.


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