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    If stomach empty one problem but when stomach full many problems.

    If I am not mistaken then this being the case with many of us wherein when our stomach is empty, our first priority is to take care of it but when this is already taken care of then our priorities gets shifted to something else. The other priorities may consisting of the elements which is less spiritual but more on the materialistic needs of wealth and fame including others that we intend to have in our lives not limited by anything but instead goes on increasing in accordance to our desires and ambitions and then we come-up with lots of complaints without acknowledging the fact that only we have created these and we are also responsible for their presence.

    We know that one of the ways to control this is to keep our desires and ambitions within a certain range but practically it's not that easy but the consistent efforts and practice can make this to reality.
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    True. When we have no food, our aim will be to get food and fill our stomach. Once our hunger is satisfied, then the other desires start. A cloth to wear and they a house to live in. At least if our desires stop here, we can be a little happy. No, we start a car, a costly ornament, bigger house so on so forth. WIth these increasing desires, we will be forced to face many difficulties. The result is that we will lose our peace of mind and we will spend many sleepless nights.
    Once your desires go on, your problems will increase. A day will come that we will repent for our deeds. It is the fact and many will be in a similar way only. The first problem is to earn and the second problem is how to keep that earning safely is another problem.
    That is why people say contentment is the key to happiness. But how many of the people can stop their desires and live happily with whatever they have,

    always confident

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    Yes. The needs of human is like that. The basic need is food , followed by clothing and shelter. This is followed by security, safety, relationship, prestige and finally self actualization. Human wants are unlimited. When we limit our needs , we will have a peaceful life. Otherwise we need to face many challenges and difficulties.
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    It is a well known fact that food is our basic need. Only after that we can think about other worldly affairs. The engine will start working only when it is given proper fuel.
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    I concur with the title theme and the message in the post.
    A smile came to me on reading the title.

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    A very good theme has been introduced by the author. But I must say that since it is 'Kalyug', it is natural and it really cannot end too soon. Even if we try as hard as we can, but still we cannot stop being greedy.

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    The poor who starve and often go hungry have a simple desire to have the means for a basic meal. But the same for the affluent people, whose stomach is often more than full behave differently. They desire to have more and more of the worldly comforts and riches. This is what I understood from the title of the thread and part of the write up.

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    Human desires are unlimited, if they get what they desire, they try for the next thing. Many people try to earn more and more money, but they don't spend them, they preserve for their children and grandchildren. One should earn money and should enjoy. If your life ends with just earning money, what is the need?

    One of my friend's husband is a CA in the profession and he gets salary in lakhs for a month, But he has no time to enjoy with his family, he leaves home at 9'O clock in the morning and reaches home at 10'O clock in the night, he will have lunch and sleeps. He always tries to reach the best position in career and earn much. Only Sunday he will be free, but Sunday also he spends much time with friends only. She says she is not happy with her life, they have money but they are not enjoying. Yes, he is earning for his family itself, but what the need when they are not happy. Beside the career, one must spend time with family and children. Enjoy, spend with your family, children and make them happy and be happy.


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    The needs start with food. The primitive human beings went to hunt the prey for food and only after that gave attention to other things. The civilisation, agriculture and other developments came much later and till then the only activity was to get food at any cost. With the advent of human civilisation the need for other materials also came on the forefront and a common entity known a money was invented to meet the transactions of materials, services and other things between the human beings. With the invention of money the second biggest need after food was money only and when the stomach was full everyone ran after it.
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