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    What's your major concern in today's world?

    On a regular note but on a shifting stance we continue to raise the threads on different themes varying from politics to spiritualism and of the fictional stories to the materialistic concerns, of saving environments to the generating employment opportunities for youths. I may have missed many in the list but all those are the primary concerns for many of us depending upon the priorities that we are dealing with but going a bit ahead do you feel of anything that seems to be the most essential among others? For obvious reasons that many would agree of the fact that we need to have a balanced act within those but still is there anything that we have lost the control of and now sincerely missing on those accounts.

    For instance, personally I have a belief that the world has reached to its maturity level in terms of development and execution of resources and that the things needs to be controlled if we don't want to face with the implications that may endanger the existence of human civilization.

    Are you too concern about anything then what's that?
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    Ved Prakash, what is this thread all about? Having tried to improve the way you raise posts and having failed in the (several) attempts, you are still in want of clarity. Same is the case here too.

    I suggest you make due corrections to your threads without assistance from the editors.

    “It is better to change an opinion than to persist in the wrong one." – Socrates

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    In the first part the post talks of themes we use in posting of our ideas in forum section while in the second part it is asking for the issues in our habitat. So practically the post talks of two things distant apart. I feel author could have easily made two impressive posts out of this one.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    As far as the threads in the forum posts are concerned, a great number of threads related to politics and present day situations will be answered by many members. If we see the statistics we will see that more responses will be there for such threads.
    Coming to the execution of resources the human beings should understand the importance of these natural resources and they should conserve them and see that the world will be a happy place to human beings to live on. Otherwise, living on this earth will become difficult.

    always confident

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