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    Do you believe in the supernatural phenomenon?

    Initially we were seven in rented a flat but then the time came when I left alone in that whole flat. What happened was quite a frightening for me and the bigger picture was that even after this I had to stay there for a complete night.

    The entry of a flat was like a small room then through corridor we have space for a big hall consisting of one open balcony. As I was relaxing in the room based at the entry of a gate it seemed that someone switched-on the light. That was quite awkward to think of that being the case that I was alone. This could be an accident so I went inside the hall and switched-off the light and then came back to my bed. After some time the same light got switched-on again making me feel of something else. After waiting for few moments I again went inside the same place to check if the switch got loosened which could be the case but there wasn't any sign of that. I simply stopped thinking of much in that context, came to my room, switched-on the light and went to sleep.

    After this soon I got shifted to some other place.

    This may seem nothing for many of us but imagining of facing this during the night time and when you are alone with nowhere to go will for sure will give you a different experience.

    Do you also have anything which may have let you feel of the moment, something frightening then pl. share?
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    Though I have not experienced such a thing so far in my life but have heard a lot about these unexplainable things in the life of other people. Is it our inner fear which is inherent in us and manifests when we are alone or in dark situations or something really existing, it is difficult to conclude.
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    No. I have no such experience. But I heard some people narrating such stories. Mu uncle experienced a situation similar to that. He went for a movie and coming back in the night around 2 AM on his bicycle.All of a sudden he started feeling that the cycle has become heavy and he was to straIn a lot to drive the vehicle. He started feeling that someone was sitting behind. Somehow he managed to come in to the village. Then his cycle became normal. He got frightened a lot and suffered from fever for about 10 days.
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    If one is alone at a place or room especially at night,and in a new place, and not habituated to such loneliness, the mind may wander and the secret fears manifest in many ways.
    The mind will create many images and stories scaring the person. The mix of dim light and shadow will appear to us as strange creatures and apparitions, or like people or animals moving and scare us. It is the 'fear about the unknown'. Mostly if we throw a strong light on the shadows we can see the reality- nothing but imagination.
    Near my home on the main road, one of the streetlights(sodium lamp) automatically goes of and comes on. One day when I just reached near it, it became suddenly dark. I thought power had gone. But after I moved a little ahead it started glowing back slowly. Even after many days it is so as the bulb/lamp is not replaced.

    Similarly an unfastened window pane is susceptible to movement in wind. The movement, sound and the light/shadow by that can create fear in the person the scenes will create scary imaginations.

    When one is alone and it is night time most people feel strange things as the mind imagines a lot. Most of these will be negative thoughts and horrible imaginations.

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    No, I don't believe it but I have heard a lot from people and having their experiences about ghosts.

    Recently my younger brother experienced it as he was coming from a temple late night and saw a person waving his hand in front of his car. There were two people along with this person. He did not stop and when he turned and saw he found no one on the road. He was scared so much that he didn't go anywhere for two days after this incident.

    A few months back my cousin's son had an accident and what he told that it was due to a lady who came in front of his bike and he fell down to save her and saw afterwards that there was no one on the road.

    Though such incidents say that there is something but those who have experienced it only can believe it otherwise to believe on such issues is impossible. I have not seen or experienced it so I don't believe in ghosts.


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    Yes, I do believe in the supernatural phenomenon. Though there has nothing 'supernatural' happened with me, but I do believe in it.

    A few centuries back, it was a common belief among people that earth is balanced on one of the two horns of a bull and when the bull shifts the earth from one horn to the other, the earthquake comes. It was a supernatural thing. The earthquake was also a supernatural phenomenon at that time but slowly, the earthquake was termed as a scientific phenomenon. The Vedas predicted a number of things, which were termed as supernatural initially but today there are termed as scientific happenings.

    Science and supernatural happenings are closely related. If one does not know the reason behind a particular happening, he would term it as a supernatural phenomenon and later when he knows the reason behind it, that phenomenon is termed as scientific. Eg. There have been a number of alien sightings, but people term them as supernatural. Whereas a number of theories suggest that aliens might be people from another planet and they might be traveling at a speed greater than the speed of light, so we are not able to see them. Another possible view could be that aliens are nothing but we ourselves coming from future to past in time machines which might get invented a few centuries later.

    Even ghosts, which many term as supernatural, we really don't know they might be us after death. Since we really don't know what happens to us after death, this supernatural happening could become a scientific thing later on when we know that what happens after death.

    What I want to say is that science and supernatural are too closely related and we cannot really distinguish them.

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    Whether we believe in it or not, there are some mysterious things which can not be explained with the present knowledge in this field. People who experience it, share it with others but they can not make it happen again and prove its existence. So the arguments in favour and against will continue about the supernatural phenomenon.

    Psychologists believe that there is nothing like supernatural or dark forces and it is all in our mind. Mind is the most complicated living computer in this world and it's consciousness and analytical skills are no parallel. It can decipher many difficult things but mind is also susceptible to certain ailments which can not be understood in physical forms but can create myriad situations of confusions, phobias, deep fears, hallucinations and other such psychological disorders. This is during such phases, which might be intermittent rather than continuous, that a person apparently perceives these things which are more in mind than in physical form. So, the scholars are trying to unearth these mysteries and till then the discussion continues.

    Knowledge is power.

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