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    When my kid asked why I am smiling

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    The author has brought out a good thread depicting the affection between the child and her patents. There can not be anything bigger than the happiness of the child for the parents and that is the real joy in the life.
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    Nice thread. The defeat in the hands of our children is always gives a lot of happiness. The glow in the child's face when victorious makes us feel excited and we want to lose many more times to see the face of the child in a cheerful mood.
    When my elder son was in primary classes, he used to ask me to compete with him in chess. Just he started learning and he was going to a good player near my house to learn that. So as a practice, we used to play in our house, I used to play sincerely to some time after that I used to leave a way for him to win, That has become a good practice for him and he used to feel happy and used to go tell his mother that he won, Later on he became a good payer and won some competitions also.
    Really it is very true that a parent will never feel for his loss if the child win the game. A wonderful thread from the author.

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    A lovely post that describes the joy the parent gets when they see their children happy. A win in a game of chess or card is a big thing for the little children. A sense of pride blooms in the little similing faces and it is satisfying for us are parents watching their reaction and joy.

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    True! A kid's mind only can not understand the real game behind their win. However, we adult too behave sometimes like this.

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    A good thread showing the delicate, affectionate and the divinely connection between a child and her mother. When the child is growing he has only one full time companion and friend and that is the mother. She is the only person with whom the child can confide for everything from hunger to playing moods. The child simply dictates and mother follows in affectionate bonds.

    There is nothing competitive or one up between the two as they are physically different but internally same entity. In our mythology the relation of a mother and child are well depicted in the story of Lord Krishna who although being the almighty took banging and beatings from his mother Yashoda whenever he did or pretended to do the theft of butter in the kitchen. That relationship is a benchmark for the love and affection between the pair of a child and mother.

    This bond remains even after the child turns into an adult and starts attending to his own family the only difference is the child may have to share his life with the newcomers in his own family but the mother's love and dedication towards him remains same and intact as it was during those golden childhood times.

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    This wonderful thread brings out the true feelings of parents when they find their children happy. The parents at times lose games out of their own to give a chance to their children to win it. They never understand that their parents lost the game intentionally which shows the innocence of children. When kids start to learn things they ask questions and try to find out the reasons behind everything. So, when they find their parents smiling they need to know the reason behind it. It's impossible to explain to the kids the reasons for smiling which can be understood only by the parents when they acquire a sense of joy by seeing their children happy and excited.

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    For a parent, their children happiness is what matter to them. We have seen this in many cases. Mother will not eat & would provide for her child & feel happy. Father may not show his love but will give the money in mothers hand & ask her to let it to her child.
    This all is a small-small thing that they do to see their children happy. Many of us learn about it only when we wear their shoe. Was a good article.

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    I am smiling after reading your thread and that is because I am also experiencing the same nowadays. My 5 years old champ is learning chess (very initial stage) and whenever I take a bit of time for my chance, he becomes very excited to suggest me a good option. And then he says, "Mumma aap jaldi hi seekh jaaoge, roz mere saath thoda practice kiya karo!". I just love the shine in his eyes.
    Such experiences in parenthood are priceless!
    But apart from this, we should also make them learn to accept failures at times. This will improve them for sure.


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