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    Presence of Uninvited VIP's in functions

    I have attended one of friends daughters wedding reception. Though , my friend was not financially well of he some how arranged to organize a decent reception. During that evening I saw one special person with suite instructing the bearer to bring a particular item. Bearer , politely replied that said item is not in the menu. The special person started passing sarcastic comments about the organizers and was murmuring through out the dinner.

    I was under the impression that the person must be a close relative of the groom. I later enquired with my friend and came to know that he is neither a relative nor a non person.

    These days such VIP's are making their presence in most of the marriages and receptions.
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    Many times such people are spotted in the parties but as their identity is not confirmed no one dares to ask them their credentials. They take advantage of the situation and disappear from the scene after taking a sumptuous meal.
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    Especially in function halls where there are more halls this happens. There may be two or three marriages going on and many people will be attending these functions, sometimes some people take this as an advantage and try to take the meal. This happens more in cities. They dress like VIPs but when you go through the details he will be a non related person and came there to have a meal.
    I have experienced this type of situation once. My brother's daughter's marriage reception was going on. One person came with a decent dress and without going to the couple directly gone for food. He was eating food there, I was overseeing the arrangements there. I got a doubt and asked him about his relation with the couple.
    Immediately he asked that is it not the reception of so and do. I told that it was not. Then he said he came there by mistake and said sorry. I asked him not worry and complete his meal.

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    This is a regular problem in major marriage halls in the big cities. Here when the crowd is large, it is difficult to check the visitors and guests. Often there would be confusion and the bride's groups will think that the stranger is from the groom's side and vice-versa.

    This situation is made use by professional wedding crashers who are well dressed, well mannered and pass off as distant relatives. At times such people are caught but often they escape with a good meal and the thamboolam bags.

    If the crowd is smaller and the venue is in a rural region wherein people are more familiar with extended families, there is a better chance for such strangers to be spotted and thrown out. I feel, if something is odd, then a senior member from either the girl or the boy's side can check the details of the stranger and verify.

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    I have never experienced this but have heard of such things. I have heard from my father that once my grandfather has caught such a person in one of the family functions. There are persons like this who try to act smart but if somehow they are caught I am trying to think how embarrassing that will be. When there is a huge crowd it may not be possible for the family members to notice one or two such guys in the big reception hall, but as the author has experienced such a thing himself a few of the invitees in any invitation may also observe such things after closely observing the activities of those persons and may have notified later on to the organizers. Though nobody can refuse serving meals to such persons at a function, this trend is really dangerous and unethical.

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    I have seen it sometimes happening and some people were caught and humiliated on the spot also but still such people take chance and mix in the crowd and then escape after taking the food. In a big gathering it is very difficult to control and monitor such black sheep. In some gathering I have seen that some host keep their people on the gate who note down the names of the guest and seeing this the unwanted person does not dare to enter inside. It is difficult to take such measures when rush is there and you do not know all the people in person to confirm their identity. So they take advantage of the situation whenever they get an opportunity.
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    I have not seen in my life that a VIP attend a function without an invitation. Your friend could have humiliated him and could have asked him to leave. These people should be given such treatment only.

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