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    Do you leave toiletries at hotel or take them along?

    Often, after arriving at hotels and resorts etc., we are provided with toiletries. Sometimes, hotels provide very basic toiletries like just a towel and a soap. More costlier and finer hotels offer more like comb, shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, moisturizer, and so on. While I once read that it is good courtesy to leave the toiletries in their spaces after your use, many people I know tend to take them along while checking out. According to some people, thus taking the toiletries away shows cheap, grab-whatever-you-find mentality. The logic on the other side is, nobody is going to use another person's used toiletries. The hoteliers are going to dump them anyway, and provide the next resident with fresh toiletries. So what is the point of wasting things when you are free to take them along and later use at home?

    What is your opinion in this matter? Personally I think that hoteliers should have a drop-box where we ourselves can dump half-used toiletries, which can be later given to the people in need. The sweet fragrance of the conditioner or moisturizer that you have just used once during your stay can really bring a smile on a poor person's face who had never had the luxury to use them.
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    Many star hotels give these toiletries and they appear to be free to us. But the cost of them will be built in the room rents. Many costly hotels charge Rs.6000 to Rs. 7000/- a day. Towels will not be allowed to take away. But other items like shampoo etc will be allowed to take them out. Generally half used or opened bottles will not be taken way. But some items which are not opened can be brought. Generally, I have the habit of bringing them with me. But I will not use them for my self use. I give those items to my servant maid or the car driver. Whenever I come back from a tour I used to give them to the driver. If I have nit given, the driver used to ask me whether I have not brought any items.
    Instead of wasting them if we utilise them for a better cause there in nothing wrong in bringing them. I don't say it is grabbing. I feel we are paying for it.

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    I have seen many people take the hotel toiletries at the time of checking out, but, till now, I have managed to remain excluded from this category.
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    Nothing is free or complimentary in the hotel industry. The cost is built in the daily charges. Depending on the hotel and the range of charges some hotels give you cloth based sandals, stationary, pens/pencils. As far as toiletries are concerned some hotels give shower caps, a razor, and a nail file too.

    As far as I am concerned, if there is space in the luggage and there is not much risk of leakage or spillage we can bring these items home. It's not cheap and moreover, you are paying for it.

    The idea of a drop box is good provided it is regularly collected and distributed or recycled among the needy.

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    I agree with Natrajan. Nothing is free you have paid for the same so taking toiletries along with you is not a wrong thing. I have seen people taking those items to home and find it okay to bring them as they are just a waste for the hotel also.

    By the way, it's a good idea to have a drop box to drop the used toiletries which further can be donated to the poor.


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    There is no shame in bringing toiletries home. It can neither be termed as nicking or cheap behaviour. The items provided are part of a service, for which we pay - there's no such thing as free lunch. The hospitality industry is after all a commercial business, they'd run into losses if they were to dole out freebies.

    I always bring back toiletries and generally leave the mini soaps and lotions/gels in the guest bathroom. I end up using the shampoo, either on my hair or for a home pedicure. I leave the shower cap and bubble bath behind because I have no use for them. The toothbrushes come in handy in the kitchen for cleaning purposes. The pen/pencil go to my house help, the writing pads come in handy for sticking messages on the main door for the courier guys and for maintaining a grocery list etc.

    However, carrying home towels and bedsheets and other linen would be considered theft.

    Hotels have replaced miniature toiletries with large dispensers. These are clamped to the walls and cannot be removed (photo attached). This is from my hotel room in Edinburgh.

    I do not see a need for a drop box for half used toiletries. It will push the onus on the guests, moreover, there is the housekeeping staff to clear the stuff. They probably have a disposal mechanism in place. NGOs collect excess food for distribution among the homeless - they could do the same with the toiletries too, in case it's not being done yet.

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    Here is the image of the shower gel dispenser.

    Though this may sound a little farfetched, there is always the risk of contamination, if used toiletries are given to others for use. One reads and hears of all sorts of things happening in the world. And with hate crimes on the rise, and vile minds at work would we giving them a platform to destroy innocent lives.

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    In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with bringing toiletries with us. We are not getting them free right, hotel management will cost the hotel room considering all these. So we indirectly paying these toiletries also. If we want them, we can take them and can give to other poor people. I personally haven't gone to the hotel and stayed. It's just my opinion.

    And I appreciate the idea of dumping of used toiletries for the need of poor. But the hotel management should do that instead of wasting them.


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