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    Despite clarification from Center Govt., Isn't opposition playing politics over Hindi Language!?

    Few days ago, a draft education policy was introduced to Human Resource Development Ministry and then it was made public inviting suggestions from citizens. In that draft policy, it was stated that Hindi language shall be introduced as third language in non-hindi states where dominance of Hindi is low.
    Many politicians and social workers from South India protested this provision stating that this is an attempt to forcefully impose Hindi language on them. After this protest, the center Govt. .ade clarification that this is just a draft and there's no intention to forcefully impose Hindi on anyone.
    Now, despite this clarification, opposition has continued to protest and playing politics in name of language.
    These idiot politicians have damaged India's growth by dividing people in name of caste, religion, language etc. Now, that divisive politics have continued again in name of language in it is very dangerous for the unity and integrity of India.
    If this politicians are not playing politics in name of language, they would not have continued to protest on Hindi language despite clarification by center.
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    This is an old issue. Hindi was declared the official language of the country but as it was not very popular in some of the states especially some southern states so there was always an issue of adopting it in those places and politician took advantage of this situation for their own benefit.

    Long back when there were even agitations against Hindi languages in some states then there was a suggestion that some other languages should be made optional in other states so that students can learn other languages also like done in European countries. Unfortunately it did not happen as students chose their own state language as first language and english as second language. So, no one is learning the other language that is third language if you consider english also. Interestingly there is no opposition for English as it is being accepted as a global language.

    Still, Govt can think of including the other languages by making two or three pools of languages by putting similar ones in one pool and student from that pool should mandatory take one optional language from the other pool. That may bring some uniformity in the country and if people learn each others languages then it will be a good thing for the national integration also.

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    I am failing to know why states like Tamilnad and Kerala are against Hindi. Parents are encouraging their children to study foreign languages, but they against Hindi as third languages. This is nothing but insult to the Official language of our Country. The union govt should not budge for the protests by some groups with vested interest and political reasons
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    Even after 71 years of independence, people still are divided on the basis of religion, caste, skin colour, language, etc. These are very sensitive issues for a large population of India because India itself is a wonder, united from so many different kinds of cultures, traditions, religions, etc.

    Since these issues are too sensitive, politicians keep playing with them to gain votes and maintain hatred between people of different backgrounds. Congress had played the smartest since so many years, producing religious and linguistic hatred among people. When BJP came, even though the opposition parties tried to allege that BJP is a Hindu party, BJP was able to gain the trust of minorities and win by such a big margin. If BJP was really a Hindu party, then why Ram Mandir has not been built till now?

    Moreover, BJP is trying to unite people on these issues and make India what our brave freedom fighters imagined. The best example that our country is shifting from 'Hindustan' to 'India' is that RJD was not able to win a single seat in Lok Sabha Elections. RJD and mahaghatbandhan used to divide the poor people in Bihar and UP on the name of caste and gain votes. With BJP arising to power, it focussed more on unity among people to gain votes.

    Since Congress still has major support left in southern states, where BJP is still trying to gain grounds, so Congress along with other regional parties is trying to divide people on language. If you can teach your kids English, why can't you teach them Hindi?

    But slowly, the present government is going to make it better and soon linguistic divisions will end.

    I am not a supporter of any party and these are my general views. I am neither in favour of BJP nor Congress.

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    Many parts of India are passionate over caste, language and mother tongue. This would not change overnight. One needs to be very careful when considering a national policy. Even if it is with good intention, it needs to be worded cautiously so that sentiments are not hurt. Moreover, the opposition after a major set back is looking for ammo to launch counter moves. This Hindi language introduction policy would be encashed and milked by the opposition as they stoke the sentiments of the non-Hindi states.

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    After a very hectic but unsuccessful campaign for more than three months, I hoped that the opposition parties and the so-called liberals would take a little bit rest before commencing berating the Prime Minister and ruling BJP. But, that is not to be.

    The indomitable opposition parties did not wait till the next lot of Assembly election.s They have already started their devilish campaign. This anti-Hindi, meaningless agitation is part of this devilish campaign.

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    I think, despite heavy defeat in recent LS elections, opposition haven't learn that people have got changed and become more informed and alert than earlier because of social media and internet and therefore they have now ability to understand what's wrong and what's right.
    Opposition is still not understanding the fact that people have rejected politics of division on the basis of caste, religion and languages. People have also rejected politics of negativity and fear mongering and therefore opposition has to introspect and come out with positive vision which is in consonance with the reality of what people wants.

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    Since the opposition parties don't have any other issues, they are raising the language issue. But in my view, why should we force Hindi on other non-Hindi speaking states? All the 22 languages can be made as third optional language so that the student can choose his language of interest. What is the use of learning Hindi for a native of Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu or any other non-Hindi speaking state if he can manage with English? With English he can survive in any part of the world. If Hindi speaking parents are joining their children in English speaking schools and are speaking to them in English, why should Hindi be forced on non-Hindi speaking children? It is an utter nuisance. Imposition of Hindi should be permanently banned on non-Hindi speaking states. It should not be raised again and again as it is a failed idea to impose Hindi.

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    Well, Said Bhuvan in Hindi speaking states the children are sent to English Medium schools and Non-Hindi speaking states they have to learn Hindi. What is this? Our Central Governments politicians are a bunch of fools and a bunch of Jokers. They want votes from Hindi speaking states which are pivotal in winning the elections in the country that is why they raise these things. Hindi cannot be treated as a language because it has no script strictly speaking its Urdu simply name changed.
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    Not making it political. I am a South Indian and I did had Hindi as my third language till 10th grade. I never took Hindi seriously and was only a tool to get marks. As long as you are good in English, you can survive in India and at global front.

    Please refer Bollywood. Many of the film title and ad would be written fully in English. They themselves do not love their language in the sense, how can you expect loyalty from a non-hindi.

    And one of the members was talking of parents willing to send their children to learn the foreign language rather Hindi; that is for the mere fact that, foreign languages shall assure career and status at foreign country or the MNC having off shore business. What would Hindi guarantees? Nothing! English is more than enough. I have seen many of my colleagues who dont know ABCD of Hindi living royally in Mumbai.

    And Hindi is one of the official languages out of 22 declared! So, no special prominence please. If you declare imposition of Hindi over non-hindi states, would you accept their take of Hindi residents' children learning that non-hindi language in their curricular?

    I am still unable to understand, why on earth I studied Hindi, better it would have been if it was Spanish or French.

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    #666801 Well said. I completely concur your arguments...
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    The central government has given a clear statement that Hindi is not compulsory. No one will be forced to read Hindi. When this is clearly told by the Central government, why the opposition parties are trying to make an issue out of it is the question?
    If the Central government says that Hindi is a must then we can understand this problem. But the central government yesterday revised the draft of National Education Policy by dropping the provision of making Hindi as mandatory. So now there is no compulsion of one to study Hindi if he is not liking.
    But it is better to have three language formula than two language formula. The first language can be the mother tongue and the second language can be English and third languages can be selected by the student based on his interest. Hindi can also be there in the list of languages from which the student will select the language.

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    The oppositions want to exploit any chance to weaken the ruling government making hues and cries on different issues including the third language. Hence it would always be better on the part of the Government to call the leaders of the opposition so as to initiate dialogue hoe best this issue can be resolved in a cordial atmosphere. The opposition should involve in the politics not to destabilise the Government with raising different issues and playing with the sentiments of the public on the language issues. Oppositions should take stands to make the public aware of the benifits of Hindi if persued in the third language formulae. Such sense of maturity of the oppositions would certainly positive impacts on the mind of the people.

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    Mr. Sheo Shankar Jha Is the opposition leaked the draft to the public domain or the government has themselves leaked the draft to the public domain. First, be clear of these things. Learning Hindi will not give any positive impacts. under the mat, people are getting benefits of learning Hindi still many people are not ready to accept the Hindi language.
    Wants are like horses as a rider we need to use the horse halter wisely in order to reach our desired destination safely-- Bhushan

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    People have more inclination for English than Hindi as English has global acceptance. When people are getting their communication done in English then they do not require to learn Hindi. That is one prominent reason why Hindi is not getting popular instead of the Govt policies.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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