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    The high price of Democracy in India 2019.

    The center for media studies has released a report on the amount spent in the recent 2019 Indian elections.

    The figure is penned at around Rs 60,000 crores! Around 15-20% is the actual figures spent by the election commission, the rest in by the candidates. This is by far the most expensive election in Indian history with around Rs 100 crores spent per Lok Sabha constituency.

    The election campaign has become more competitive, personal and at places, downright ugly; freebies are given by cash, free gifts, in some places heavy discounts for national and international travel and even bank transfer by means of schemes.

    Some constituencies like Shimoga, Amethi, Mandya etc had high spending, in some cases individuals have spent more than 40 crores.

    Should we be worried? Where does this money come from? How would the candidates recovery there spendings and losses? The burden will ultimately be borne by the taxpayers indirectly.
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    Yes, this is worrisome because the money which should be spent on the welfare or on the infrastructure was spent on elections. The hard earning of taxpayers is going vain. It's not good there should be some norms and a limit to spend on elections or other such things. Recently I read somewhere that these ministers spend much on foreign tours. It seems they just think of themselves and not for the public.

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    It is really a point to think. How much is getting wasted in this process? Do you think a person spending 40 crores for getting elected will concentrate on development and issues related to the public? His immediate target will be to get back that 40 crores with interest at the earliest possible.
    The misuse of money and wastage of money in elections is very high. Whatever restrictions are in force, nobody is caring about. Money is flowing like anything in the elections. People are coming to the houses and giving money to vote. Some people are refusing to take. But the majority are taking. It is happening more in rural areas.
    With all this again the taxpayer is only suffering. As on date, 30 to 40% of our earnings are going to the government in the form of taxes. How much more we have to pay we don't know if the expenses for elections are going on increasing like this.

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    The expenditure on election is a mind-boggling figure and whatever money the candidates spend will they not like to recover it during their term if they win the election. This is a serious matter.
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    The situation is really alarming and there must be a cap on the expenditure by the candidates. This time, the election campaign was mostly negative and the amount spent by the individuals is huge. The political parties may claim that the amount they spend for elections come from various donors around the country but the strange part is they will not disclose the list of the donors to the public citing that political outfits do not fall under the ambit of RTI. This is too dangerous and the Election Commission, as well as the judiciary, must step in to improve the situation. We are sure that if there is a judicial interference the politicians of all the political parties will cry out loud saying that this interference is unnecessary and somehow shows the high handedness of the judiciary. But things like this cannot continue for long. If this continues soon the day will come when votes will be purchased and sold by the candidates in all the constituencies. We have heard about the incidents of distributing money to the voters and in the long run, this may become the norm rather than a stray incident.

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    A very good thread to bring out the huge money used by the politicians in the elections. For a common man it is always a matter of surprise as from where this money is coming but those who are in Govt are well aware of the ways of siphoning the money from the Govt projects through the clever and smart contractors. The network of money movement from the big contractors and suppliers to the people in high positions in Govt is not a new thing and a good portion of that is always at the disposal of the politicians. Sometimes the money is taken in indirect ways in material form and is not under any check or view of the enforcement agencies. After the demonetisation there was a big blow to this money and that was a big setback to these black-marketeers and some of them are still in the state of shock. The stagnate in realty sector was the after effect of it.

    Even in this election a lot of money is spent though parties are showing the genuine donations from the business houses. The coming times will tell the real story in this regard when the present Govt executes big projects.

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