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    Is this not the case of intolerance?

    Going through the news I came upon news which happened in Delhi yesterday. A man was brutally murdered for a small issue.

    A man named Lilu was sitting outside his home with his wife at night during a power cut. When a 65-year-old man, who stayed in the neighbouring area, came and urinated on the street, Lilu objected and later slapped the person following an argument. Later on, two sons of this elderly man came to Lilu's home and started fighting and one of them hit Lilu's head with a cemented slab. Lily died on the spot.

    Is it not worrisome? Where has the patience of people gone? How can someone take the life of a person for such a small issue?
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    Patience is very important in such cases, we can't kill a person only for urinating on the street. Lilu could have made him understand urinating on the street is not good instead of slapping the man. This was actually where the trouble started.

    A person cannot lose his life only for urinating on the street. This is very much intolerance and we can't live this mental set of hate against each other.

    "It is narrated in our hadith that A non-Muslim once came and urinated in the mosque while Prophet Mohammad (PBH) with his companions were present, this infuriated companions but Prophet (PBH) stopped his companions and asked them to let him complete urinating and later called him and advised him where he urinated is our mosque and that he should not have done that. The person was ashamed of the act."

    See if that happens today, with intolerance brewing inside the people will turn the thing upside down.

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    Slapping the old man just for urinating is not right, Lilu should have just warned him not to repeat like those things. And the thing sons of old man did also very cruel. Definitely one will get angry when someone beat their father, but one should not lose their temper and do such things like killing or physical attack.

    Nowadays we are seeing much news like this. Teenage people going to college also taking like these steps when they don't like something about their friends. They might feel sad after the incident, but they can't bring the life of others again. Our anger is our enemy.


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    I feel there is a mistake from both sides.
    Urinating outside is not a correct issue. For that, the old man might have been warned not to repeat this by Lilu. But slapping him is not correct. That to slapping an old man is a mistake. In India, many educated people also are having a habit of urinating outside. Whatever importance has been given by PM, clean India is still a long way. So LIlu might have asked the old man not repeat and he might have left it there.
    The sons of the old man have done a big mistake by killing Lilu. They might have also slapped him. Or they might have given a complaint to police saying that this man has beaten their father. But they have gone to the extent of murdering him. Now, they will be facing a problem with the police. They Placed themselves in a bad position by killing him.
    I think people are easily losing control over them and they are not able to contain their anger. This is only leading to problems like this.

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    It is true that urinating in public place is wrong. Still people urinate wherever they feel like. We should also admit the fact there are no sufficient toilets/urinals in cities. People with certain illness and old age are finding it very difficult to relieve themselves. The attacks and counter attacks by the people concerned was totally unwarranted and could have been avoided. People should not take law into their own hands.
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    Sadly we come across many such loss of lives over trivial matters, road rage, smoking, disturbing neighbours, arguments after drinking, etc.
    We never know what runs in the mind of the person opposite to us. Whenever possible, it is better to avoid a confrontation and move off from that place to diffuse the situation. If one tries to argue or tries to reason out the right and the wrong, it could lead to potential fights and physical injuries or even loss of life. We can call it a fit of rage that has been triggered by a heavy handed approach for a minor issue.

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    We should be more tolerated to whom we do some notes, all this notes and something about small issue shouldn't be done cause nothing really bad happens here. You really shouldn't make on objections then later. See my point there ? Thanks in advance.

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    Government need to bring in a strict law & order & need to set-up a fast track court which can give a verdict in 2 - 3 sitting.
    These are such a small issue which turned out a life taking one. People are protected by politicians & so they tend to take advantage & start behaving as if, they are not bothered about the law & order of the country.
    If such people are not punished, they will take it for granted & such incidents will go-on and on.
    This is not the only case, we have heard of people taking life for many small-small issues which need to be punished.

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    Some people are so sensitive that if you tell them to do something good or properly they will react to it sharply. They feel offended by that. In the back of their mind the self ego is sitting so rigidly that they do not want to understand what another person is actually telling. They are prejudiced in their behaviour.

    I have seen it happening around us in many situations where people suddenly outburst on small and petty matters and create an unpleasant situation.

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    Lilu and the two sons of the old man, both were wrong. The old man was wrong in urinating near Lilu's house, but Lilu should not have slapped the old man. There should be some restraint upon oneself when accusing someone. Talking about the two sons, it is clear that they lack civility. Urinating cannot be a cause to slap anyone and neither a slap can invoke death as revenge. Both of them reacted in an extreme manner, which is unjustified.

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    Few people would resist to admit the mistake they does. Instead, an arguement starts to justify themself. If the opponent is ready to make the conversation in smooth way then there won't be any issues. Problem rises when both are shouting. Shouting turns to fighting. When there is an age difference, ego comes together and it leads to severe consequences. Always we should keep in mind before starting an arguement whether the other person is matured enough to understand the concept. Otherwise it is waste of talking and it is better to go away from the place. Silence is better sometime and not at all situation. I am not judging about this particular incident. It is good to have tolerance to avoid worst consequences.

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    People are losing patience on small matters and that is leading to unnecessary confrontation. It is becoming a matter of fear to advise the people for some good act. This shows a lack of national character in us and lack of etiquette in public places.
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    We need not be surprised at all. We are living in a period where intolerance is the key. You act or react to anything and everything that is not in sync with your way of thinking.

    Just take the incident narrated by the author for instance. A man (old) urinated in the street (no questions as to whether he was facing the house of Liju), he was questioned and on his response, he was slapped. The (old) man went home and told his sons that he was slapped for urinating in the street. The sons were infuriated and went to question Liju. The tussle ultimately ended with the killing of Liju. Now, who is at fault? Is it the old man for urinating in the street or is it Liju for questioning and slapping the old man or is it the sons of the old man who went to question Liju? We know the end result but shouldn't we be thinking as to who stood to gain?

    Tolerance or intolerance, I am of the opinion that we need to give some time to our thought process before we act or react. As many other members have stated, why can't we show some patience?

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    In his case both are wrong. Instead of slapping an old man, Lilu can advice him not to do again. On the other hand, the old man's behaviour of urinating in public is wrong. The government is taking all necessary action to provide public toilets in most of the places and educate people to use the public toilet. It is not only the government responsibility, it is everyone's responsibility to keep the surrounding clean. In my opinion, Lilu should be patience to advice the old man to use public toilet instead of slapping him.

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