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    Free tickets of buses to women: politics of freebie?

    Yesterday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal made a big announcement that after two or three months, all the women of Delhi will be allowed to travel in all DTC buses, cluster buses and metro trains.
    Now, if we look into this matter, financially, it will cost Delhi Govt. of around 800 crores rupees which will eventually become burden on tax payers of Delhi only.
    Secondly, it's gender discrimination for male community because every citizen has equal rights on services of Public Transport and here men are also tax payers and citizens.
    Thirdly, free transportation has nothing to do with safety of women. So, to cover Kejriwal's intention to get votes in name of freebies like this in name of women safety doesn't make sense.

    Kejriwal is known for his fake promises. He has already made many promises like free wifi, free electricity, free water, free education, passing bill of Lokpal and so on but in his tenure of 4 years, je haven't fulfilled a single promise. Now, because of his failure to fulfill his promises and his hypocrisy to blame center and then making false allegations on his opponents and continuation of gutter politics, people of Delhi are now tired of him.

    Kejriwal probably is aware of this fact probably after loosing every seats of Delhi in recent LS elections and therefore he has started this kind of freebies in name women safety but he must understand that people are not fool and understands all tac tics and nowadays they don't vote for freebies anymore. Congress's promise of 72000 per month is an example of that.
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    He is a fake person. He knows his party is not going to win in next elections, therefore, he is trying to allure people by making such fake promises. He made this announcement two days back and I don't think he would be able to fulfil it because it will be a big loss of the government. I wonder who gives permission to the politicians to make such commitments. Do they give money from their home? Should not there be a body who decides if the scheme someone is going to introduce be a loss or profit and give go-ahead accordingly?.

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    I just raised a thread on the massive poll related expenses and freebies The high price of Democracy in India 2019..

    As far as this free transport goes, I'm happy for the women who would benefit from this.But this would be easily be labelled as pre-poll freebies in the name of grants to improve the safety of women. Last year,a similar program was launched in Karnataka, free bus passes for students. It became a logistical nightmare, after sometime the transport authorities had to stop the program because the city bus corporation was under a huge loss.

    People and political parties have become innovative and do not hesitate to use (or misuse) their power to entice the voters. I don't mind such decisions as long as the financial back-up is there and a think-tank team has calculated the impact of such schemes on the existing health of the transport department.

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    I think no body will believe on Arvind kejriwal in future because he is not serous about his job. He think as a very smarter but now public is more smart than him and public keep eye on all activities. Public did one time mistake in Delhi so they do not want to repeat his mistake again.

    I think more promises will come in future by Arvind kejriwal and all will be fake its all are politics to keep seat with him. What he did in last 5 year nothing.

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    There is a change in the mindset of the people, I think. They are more interested in the development and ways and means to create wealth rather than free sops from the government. One should know that no government can't support people forever by giving free money. Where from they will get this money? Again people only have to fill the treasury of the government by paying increased taxes.
    Why a person should be allowed to travel on a Bus for free? When one can't pay a bus ticket how food can be managed? Which is more important? Let the government supply free food to all the people who are not able to get two meals a day and then talk about other incentives.
    AAP chief is very well known for all the people for his promises. It is also one among many promises he made earlier. Now for this free bus tickets, all women of Delhi vote for AAP, then the party may come to power. I don't think these days people are so foolish.

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    Politicians will time and again announce some facilities for the senior citizen or women or poor of the country just to woo them for votes. It is also always doubtful whether they will really fulfil those promises.

    If such a facility is to be given then why only for women, it can be provided to all the users and commuters so that all are benefitted by it. When Govt can bear the expenditure then what is the problem in implementing it. Giving the benefit to a particular group is not a good thing as there are political motives behind that.

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    What else can we say about Mr Arvind Kejriwal as I remember he once called himself an 'anarchist' in a demonstration even after becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi. I think everybody knows that this decision is taken to woo the voters there and ultimately it will be difficult for the transport authorities to implement it throughout the capital. Everybody is aware of his false promises and hope this time around people will give him and his party the proper feedback while voting.

    But here I would like to mention that people in our country still vote for freebies, though the author says otherwise. There is something more to freebies. In a poor country like India, freebies can work for one or two times but when people find a political party not fulfilling its promises in any way and creating chaos while managing things they think cautiously while voting.


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    I cannot understand the logic behind free tickets to women. Is Mr. Kejriwal is trying to prove a point that women are economically weaker section?.
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    1. Arvind Kejriwal has mooted this proposal of free ride for women in public transport after losing all seven Lok Sabha seats from Delhi.

    2. He is trying to salvage the position of his party, AAP, in the coming Assembly election by this outright populist measure.

    3. However, this proposal, if implemented, will cause terrible financial losses for DTC and Delhi Metro. This may permanently cripple these two organizations.

    4. Not only that, this populist proposal will force honest taxpayers to pay more from their pocket.

    5. I also think that this proposal, if implemented, will be insulting to the ladies having self-respect, although Arvind Kejriwal doesn't have the maturity to understand this.

    6. Finally, my (an aam aadmi's) message to Arvind Kejriwal: "Sir, please understand. Your sun has been setting. It will never rise in future".

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    Instead of favouring a particular gender, Kejriwal should have reduced the cost of bus and metro tickets by 50 %. This would be appreciated and would earn the support of the entire public of Delhi. AK is a fool to announce this freebie to please the women and earn the wrath of men. Anyway, the Delhites knows that this is a promise to lure the voters for the assembly election. Delhites are not fools to vote AK who has made only false promises and done nothing after assuming power.
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    Let us see whether this is only an announcement or it will see the light of the day also. Now a days politicians are making promises but when it comes the time of their implementation then they start making excuses of budget or resources.
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    Yes, the author is absolutely right. First of all, Delhi is not a poor and illiterate state. It is our national capital. Trying to woo voters in the name of safety is not going to work here. If it had been UP or Bihar, this kind of policy could have worked but in NCR, this ain't gonna happen. Secondly, by doing such a move, Mr. Kejriwal is trying to indicate to other countries that the capital of India has no women safety and it is a poor state.

    Let's hope the Centre government doesn't pass the proposal.

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