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    Will Delhi again select AAP for next Selection ?

    Will Delhi again select AAP for next Selection ? Do you think AAP party did well and able to get seat in majority in coming election ? I think this time will be equal fight among Congress , BJP and AAP and if any two party will combine then will get majority.

    I know AAP did not perform well but due to lot of promises they will able to get 35% seat in coming election but its public and public know everything. Please share your view to get more clarity on this matter.
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    Depends on the mood of the voters, if they are satisfied with the AAP they will cast their votes to this party otherwise reject the party.
    A successful politician is one when people are happy with him otherwise it is the right of the people to reject such inefficient politicians.
    A well hardworking politician is in favor of people and only people know who deserves to be the CM. So, if this AAP deserves to bring him to power if not then it is better to give him some rest.

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    By seeing the latest Parliament election results of Delhi where all the seats were won by BJP and no single seat to AAP, it appears a second term to AAP in Delhi is difficult. As on date, the majority of people from Delhi are in favour of BJP/NAD.
    But all depends on the time of elections. How the mood of the voters will be there during the time of Assembly elections can't be predicted now.
    In Telangana, in Assembly elections, the TRS of KCR swept and won many MLA seats. BJP won only one MLA seat. But after 5 months in the MP elections in the same state 7 MPs are from BJP and Congress. Only 9 MPs from TRS and one from MIM. This will make us understand that the mood of the voter will not be the same always.
    The same way it may happen in Delhi also and AAP may get some good number of MLA seats and may even form the government. All depends on the voter and his mindset at the time of elections.
    But it appears very difficult for AAP to bounce back as on date.

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    According to me, there is going to be a tough competition between BJP and AAP. Clearly, the Modi wave has been dominating over the broomstick in the past few years but considering the development done by AAP in Delhi, the voters are happy. Government schools in Delhi are the best example, which have been raised to a standard better than the private ones. The recent scheme of free Metro services for ladies is also a hit among voters.

    Although Lok Sabha results showed a clear BJP dominance in the region, there is a big difference between Lok Sabha and State elections. Congress has no chances to win. There is going to be a tough competition between BJP and AAP. There are still eight months left for the elections, so it all depends on how the Delhi government can woo the voters and gain their trust. Also, the BJP government at Centre has a really good chance to woo the voters and the name 'Modi' is enough to cause jitters in the AAP party. The recent internal spat in the AAP party can affect the party's show at Delhi whereas Amit Shah is the man who keeps BJP together.

    Since I live in the northern part of India, I think AAP is going to win again.

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    In my opinion, AAP is never going to win in the elections because of the commitments they did but could not stick to what they said. The public of Delhi wanted a change so they voted AAP in a hope that Delhi will get developed and people will get benefitted but nothing happened what they thought. So it's time to change the government.

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    I see from the south and feel that AAP hasn't done much for the Delhites to gain their votes. The recent election to parliament has proved that AAP is zero in Delhi. In the assembly election, AAP may not win with an absolute majority to form the government, but BJP will get their seats. Congress will bite the dust.
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    AAP has miserably failed in the recent elections and it has not able to make a good rapport with the voters in Delhi. Now it is difficult to predict the future of AAP as the political scenario has considerably changed and things will only get cleared after the performance of the present Govt is seen and reviewed by the people. So, there are many factors which will determine the future of the parties like AAP. In case the present Govt is not able to perform in this term then AAP can rebound back.
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    Delhi Vidhan Sabha election (to be held in 2020) will declare clear victory for Bharatiya Janata Party. Bharatiya Janata Party will be going to win at least 50 Vidhan Sabha constituencies (out of total 70) and AAP's performance will be dismal.

    Arvind Kejriwal will himself get defeated by the BJP candidate. AAP will be in the third position after Congress.

    The result of the 2020 Delhi Assembly election can be easily predicted thanks to the (terrible) performance of Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP.

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    I think Delhi people are much smarter and they will not select AAP next time because AAP fail to set any good development model . I hope Delhi will try BJP this time.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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