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    A resolution to conserve water

    Every year the water level is diminishing. Blaming the nature (rain) doesn't give solution for this. Let's take a moment and think for a while what causes water scarcity and how to protect the resources further.

    We humans cut down the trees for different purpose (reduced the chance of rain) and occupied the marsh/farm lands for large apartments and workplaces (rain water has reduced the chance of mixing in the ocean) which reduced the underground water level.

    As the reservoirs are drying up, people start to stand in queues since 7a.m. in the morning to collect water. Only 5 pots of water are being distributed per family when the number of people in the family has been already 4 or 5. Elsewhere in India, rural women walk up to 5 kilometers to collect water.

    Save water whenever and wherever it is possible.

    1) Tips to conserve water at the workplace:

    Avoid flow of water unnecessarily.
    Installation of Aeromist in wash basin taps reduces 70% water wastage.
    Usage of biodegradable plates.
    Recycled water for the plants.

    2) Tips to conserve water at home:

    Wash only full loads of dishes.
    Scrape, rather than rinse.
    Compost food waste instead or using a garbage disposal.

    Laundry -
    Wash only full loads using correct water levels.

    Use a leak-free high efficiency toilet.
    Check fixtures, pipes and toilet for leaks.

    Turn off water while brushing teeth or washing hands. Saves up to 132 liters a week!
    Fill water in buckets ahead of a bath, instead of using running water, in order to limit water usage.
    Take shorter showers.

    Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your balcony or outdoor areas. Saves up to 378 liters a week!
    Water your garden in the early morning or after the sun sets. Saves up to 900 liters a week!
    Cover your pool to prevent evaporation.

    Let's learn and instruct the next generation to respect nature's boons.
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    A very good post by the author. We must be aware about proper and judicious use of water in our life.

    There are many tips given by the author. I will like to suggest that we should not use the tap continuously on while using water as a lot of water is wasted in that. Better way is to take water in a mug and use it from the mug. This way we can control a lot of wastage in our households.

    Another way is do not clean the utensils or wash the clothes in stages. Whatever is to be done, do it in one go. If in a house 2-3 people wash their clothes at different times then a lot of water is wasted. We must club those stages. So, there are many such tips which can be used for this conservation.

    Incidentally, the author has put up a detailed post covering many things. I will suggest him, if he so wishes, to write a detailed article on it and submit in article section for the benefit of all.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Awareness on water conservation is very much essential. Many parts of the Country is facing acute water shortage. In some villages people have commute long distance every day to fetch a pot of water. This is an alarming situation. Unless we take drastic steps on water conservation , we may have to face serious water crisis in future.
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    Nice tips are given by the author to conserve water. Water is very essential in our life, we can't live with it. We have to definitely conserve water and also we have to teach our children how to save water. Many children waste water, they love to play with water. We have to explain to them about the importance of the water.

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    Nice tips are given by the author how to conserve water.

    It's a thing to worry for all of us that the water level is going down day by day. We should save water by reducing the shower time. If possible we should use a bucket as a shower consumes lots of water. Recycle water and conserve rainwater to save water. Few small things can do wonders so we must do them to help people who have to fight hard to avail water for drinking.


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    A good post by the author. Water is very precious. No life on the earth if there is no water or no air. They are protecting us and giving us life. So we should protect trees and Conserve Water.
    Many of us are having RO water units in our houses. There we will be generating a lot of wastewater. We should not through that water into the sink. We should collect that water and use for cleaning the dishes or cleaning our hands and mopping the floor etc. That will help us a lot to save a lot of water.
    Recycling of water after filtration if possible should be implemented. We should start using a drip watering system to the plants instead of using more water. There should some pits in the house so that rainwater will not go out waste but get absorbed in the earth.
    Wherever possible reduce consumption of water and manage with minimum water so that water will be available for the future generations also.

    always confident

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    Water - management should be now the utmost priority keeping in view of giant surge of the population and each will need minimum 25 litre of water. On a rough calculation, the consumption of water consisting of four, it would amount to 100 litres per day. This could be managed comfortably because of low density of population and water beneath the soil could also be tapped in the hours of emergency.
    With the change of the situation, we need to change our life style and should resort to judicious usage of water so that it is accessible to remaining of the population.

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    Water is the most valuable entity in our life. It is the elixir of life on Earth. We can not dream of life on Earth without it. If it is so important then we must think of conserving and storing it for future. I read somewhere that the third world war could be for drinking water. Let us avoid that by conserving it.
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    A thoughtful message to the society as many places are reeling under drought conditions, rivers are drying up. In Bangalore alone, there are around 64,000 houses without rain water harvesting.

    The truth is that a few cities in the world have gone dry, no water is available, there are a few cities where in water in rationed. Some even go to the extent of saying that very soon many Indian metros will run dry ( without water).

    I think, we need to take responsibility first and start at an individual level and lead the example for our family members etc. Once more and more people embrace responsible water usage, we would cut down our losses.

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    Thanks to everyone for your response. As suggested, i have written an article with additional information that also includes some solution for few issues discussed in the response section.
    Thanks for encouraged me to post an article.
    Article - Water is the driver of nature

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