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    Why there is so much violence in Indian Movie

    We say ourselves that this is Mahatma Gandhi's country, the country of Ahimsa. We not only proudly say this but say this too that most of us follow the path. However, our likes or thinking says just opposite of what we say.

    Indian Cinema is integral part of our life. What is happening in society, the same is showing in the screen. Not only that, often the movie become block buster hit which has maximum violence scene. It just prove that may be from out side we say we follow Ahimsa, but internally we accept the violence which has full of revenge story.

    What is your call on this matter?
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    The film makers have a primary intention of earning money from their production. They have invested so much money in that and now want to recover it along with more and more profits. The only way to earn from the movies is that it should have a good story, excellent cinematography, human sentiments, action and even violence depicting revenge and aggression. Good directors will put all these elements in their work so that the movie becomes successful on box office.

    Another thing is the liking of the viewers. It is a natural trait in the audience to like the things which increase the circulation of the adrenaline in the body. It is a well known fact. The popularity of boxing shows, wrestling, bull fights etc are all a proof of this.

    So producers will make the movies of the choice of general public.

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    Well, actually Hollywood movies have much more violence as compared to Bollywood movies. Hollywood movies such as 'Avengers' are the best example of this. TV series like Game of Thrones is also a good example. Since western culture influences our Indian society the most these days, how could movies remain behind! Think of movie themes which Hollywood has adopted from Indian cinema, you will rarely find any. And think of Indian movies adopted from Hollywood, you will find lots! And the fact is, all those movies have gone super hit in India. Even the young generations are shifting their time and attention from watching Indian serials to American and British English Series. They spend huge amounts on buying Netflix and Hotstar subscriptions just to watch the latest TV series. Flash, Friends, Sherlock Holmes, Narcos, etc. are a few and you will find many more.

    The concept of Ahimsa has been left far behind. It is saddening but it is true that Mahatma Gandhi is left on currency notes only and not in the hearts of young generations. Ahimsa is a far off thing for young generations.

    Secondly, a businessman would go to any extent to make his business work. A person would do anything to earn money these days, so how can we not expect that Indian directors and producers make films just to make money even if they contain such unrealistic content and lots of violence?

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    Movies and the concept of Ahimsa are two different things. Indian cinema is known for many things (music, story, unique themes etc).

    Violence in movies is portrayed in Indian cinema often based on the concept of Good vs Bad, the concept of one man setting right all the social evils (corruption, illegal activities, etc). This sells and is loved by the audience to a certain extent. Many tend to idolize with their favorite actor or director and become part of the 2-3 hour movie drama wherein good wins over bad.

    Some movies need violence because the plot demands it. As long as the certification is appropriate then violence will be accepted. There are instances wherein the movie makers go overboard with violence with a huge body count but it's part of the film industry and it is upto us whether to watch or ignore such movies.

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    I think even a criminal will say that any type of crime is damaging to society and humankind. But still, they indulge in criminal activities. Many of these criminal acts are impulsive and people who indulge in those acts regret later. Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian and he spread the message of non-violence (Ahimsa) throughout the world. There are people who follow his principles, but there are also many who find Gandhiji's principle of non-violence absurd. Movies get a good response at the box office when a lot of people like it. If movies containing violent scenes become a super hit then the directors will think of those scenes to make a profit. As Mr Umesh has mentioned in his response @ # 666826 about the rush of adrenaline in our body depending on the scenes of the movie it is understood that violence may have a great appeal on a large number of crowd. Maybe that's why movies with scenes of violence become a hit.

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    Not only violence Indian movies contain many more things which are worth to watch. Who says only movies having violence are superhits?

    Actually, in movies, the director has to highlight everything in the movie to make it a good movie. No doubt there is a villain in every movie who tries to hurt a heroine or hero's sister which is a very common plot and is a very common thing we see it around in our society. You call it violence and we call it the win of good over evil. We like such plots because we have been watching it since our childhood. Even the epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata also had violence and we are required to learn it from our childhood.

    These days people are changing they expect something different and films are being made on other topics are getting liked by the audience, like comedy and art movies also are equally liked by the people.


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    Cinema is a business. The movies will be made by spending huge money. The producer wants to get it back and also some profit. So he will go for the movies which are liked by the majority of people. If a movie showing excess dosage of violence is successful, the other producers also will tempt to go for similar movies so that they will make a good amount.
    People who want to spend happily 2 or 21/2 hours without any other thoughts, will prefer to go for a movie. Probably they will get more happiness and joy in violence that is shown in movies. These people can't stand and watch outside, two people quarrelling. They will leave the place thinking that if they stand there tomorrow police may come and question him what happened there and the person doesn't want to commit. So they will try to watch such movies and enjoy. This may be the reason for the violence movies to get success more than other movies.

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    Who says only Movie which has violence are Super hit.

    Amitabh, Rajnikanth, Vijaykanth, Ajay Devgan, Salman khan and currently Allu Arjun. These superstars movies are most of the super Hit movie.

    Yes, movie and real life are two different part of life. But if we go by the box office collections, our liking goes very much on violence. Whether we say or not, we are not saint at least neither we have such courage to be like Mahatma Gandhi. Even if you say you don't hate anyone but the action says different. It is not difficult understand a person real character with their words and action.

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    It is human nature that we like some elements in every movie like sentiments, action, violence and other such things. The movie makers keep this in their minds and produce the movies accordingly. The audience who do not like such ingredients have no choice and have to watch such movies reluctantly.
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    I have a special theory on this issue. Indians have been facing lots of injustice and inequality in society since the last 1000 years. On the other hand, majority of Indians are forced to follow non-violence. The majority doesn't have any weapon in their home. So, they can't get the injustice redressed in violent means, although they want to do so.

    So, majority of Indians enjoy violence and redressal of genuine grievances by violent ways in films.

    'Nayak nahin; Khalnayak hoon main' (I am not the hero; I am the villain)

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