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    Should freedom have a boundary?

    The word 'freedom' sounds so sweet, but, is it true in every sense? Every relationship has a boundary, and when we cross it, then in many cases, freedom is misused. Freedom without any limitation is a threat to a family, society, nation and the world.

    Whenever there is a line drawn, we start complaining, but it is a necessity for a healthy life and also for every proper relationship. What do you say?
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    We start complaining whenever there is a restriction imposed on us. This is because we like to do things in our own way without thinking much of others and restrictions are imposed on us to remind that what we are doing is not acceptable to others. If somebody likes to play loud music I hope nobody will object unless others are disturbed by the music. A person who has no concern for others and only conscious about her/his own likings will start arguing if others restrict her/him to play loud music because of the disturbance involved. There are rules and regulations to follow while driving and if they are flouted punishment will be imposed. Similarly, in ISC too, restrictions will be imposed on members if posting guidelines are broken. Freedom must come with responsibility and responsible persons will never misuse their freedom. People must know their limitations and should also realize that restrictions will be imposed on them if the limit is crossed.

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    Anything in excess is harmful so is freedom. Somewhere we should have some restrictions otherwise it may be misused. Imagine we give too much freedom to our kids then they will not study but spend all their time playing outside which will affect their future.

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    Freedom is good provided one knows that he is living in a society and the other people also like to have freedom like you. Everybody wanted freedom for him. But no one will like responsibilities. I have the freedom to purchase a car of my choice provided I have the resources. You have the freedom of driving the car provided your capabilities are tested and the licence is given. But you are not allowed to drive as you like as you have a licence. You have no authority to kill a person by doing an accident with the car. That is why some rules and regulations are in place. They are not threats to you. They are to have organised traffic on the roads and accidents will be brought down to the minimum possible extent.
    Like this everywhere there should be limitations to our freedom. Otherwise, this society will perish in no time. The rich and well to do will take an upper hand and poor will suffer a lot. So freedom to some extent with proper checkpoints in proper place will only use for the society.

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    Freedom is a good thing but it is to be exercised within its scope and limit. Freedom beyond lint is disastrous and bring devastating results. No one is supposed to go beyond the boundary of the freedom. It is unwritten rule and those who do not follow it will face the consequences.
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    A lovely title that link two opposites. The word freedom implies one's right to exercise what they feel is correct without any hesitation, shackles or fear of reprisal. It also depends on the situation.

    In short, when freedom is exercised with responsibility, maturity and without any malicious intent, then things are civilised and stays within the acceptable limits of the social, moral and geographical region. When the same is carried out without any thought of the above then things go wrong.

    So, it is up to us whether we would understand the true sense of freedom or whether we would need some higher authority to tell us the limits.

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    Yes, Freedom should have its limit. Even the higher authority people to lose their mind sometimes so its not the case who will tell us the limit. However, If one is allowed to say whatever they feel up to their own level of brain and opinion, I feel other too should be given the same space. The rule should be one for all. The problem start when one come open and show their personal and hatred feeling cleverly and openly which is allowed, but the same thing is not allowed for other person.

    If higher authority is what need to tell us the limit, they must set the example for other first.

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    Freedom is never absolute. It has its inherent boundaries and limits. People should not try to cross these limits otherwise they will be considered violating the law and order. We should not take things as granted and go beyond the limits. It is not our prerogative to do so. We got freedom from the Britishers long back. It does not mean that now we can do whatever we want in this free country. In fact we should be more disciplined and contained in our behaviour to make our country come up in the world on the top. This country had come back to us long back in 1947. We have taken back it from the clutches of the colonial Britishers. So what makes us not to behave now in a better way here. We are free but we have to in our boundaries in order to develop our country.
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    The Indian constitution guarantees certain freedom to the citizen of the Country. Therefore freedom needs to be restricted as per the provisions of the constitution. Any thing in excess to the constitutional provisions attracts penal action as per the Indian Penal code. Article 19 of the Indian Constitution guarantees freedom of speech. The freedom of speech is the right given to the citizens of the Country to express their opinion freely without any fear. But the right to freedom of speech comes with certain riders. Like persons are not permitted to speak on Security of the state, Public Order, Decency or morality, Contempt of Court, Defamation, Incitement to offence etc.

    These days people take the things granted and start giving speeches, media statements which is against the constitutional provisions. Any person making speeches in violation of the constitution of India is liable for Legal action.

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