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    On this World Environment day, Let's discuss, how can we and Govt. contribute to save environment?

    Today, on 5th June, is world environment day. It is our collective responsibility between Govt. and citizens and as son of mother earth to not harm the nature and protect the environment by keeping it green and clean.
    In 21st century, the biggest challenge in terms of pollution and saving the environment is global warming. We may also feel that in greed for development for human luxury, we are loosing the green cover which eventually has led us to experience heat waves and drought situation.
    In my opinion, to protect and increase green cover is a big challenge and must be priority for all of us to grow trees as much as possible in order to at least protect the green cover which will help us protect against heat wave and drought situation.
    In coming years, India will face serious challenges as far as pure drinking water is concerned. We call our selves educated but we don't have simple understanding of not wasting water. Because we have got educational degrees doesn't mean we are educated if our behavior is of and uneducated person. I have witnessed this that we, Indians have faced water crisis earlier as well and still we have not learnt anything and still wasting water like uneducated people. The rivers are going out of water because of low rain and also since independence, we haven't built infrastructure for storage of rain water which still gets away into the river or ocean.

    So, today, i would like to discuss and debate on this serious matter which related to all of us. Provide your ideas and suggestions on how to save water, protect trees, protect environment, protect mother earth. You guys may share your stories and experiences as well which may helpful to all of us. Remember, it's not only job of Govt. but it's collective responsibility of us,. citizens and Govt.
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    Pollution becomes a serious threat to survival of humans. Quality of air is very bad in many cities across India. Rapid industrialization is the major reason for all the environmental pollution. It is estimated that around all the major cities in India will hit zero ground water level by the year 2021. Our Indian government formed a new ministry called Jal Sakthi to prevent and protect water bodies and increase ground water level in major cities. I hope the new ministry will bring change in the environmental aspect.
    Apart from the government, it is individual responsibilities to protect environment and save water. People can build rain water harvesting structure in their houses. It will help to increase the ground water level. Proper use of electricity, recycling plastics, planting more trees will definitely improves the environment.

    Whatever happens life should move on...
    Thanks Karthik

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    Yes, it's just not the responsibility of the government. It's a team responsibility and we have to contribute to it by adopting a few simple things like planting trees as much as possible. Restrict the use of polybags and plastics. Save electricity. Do not waste paper. Save water. If possible don't use the vehicle for small distances or do carpooling. These are few of the ways by which we may contribute to the pollution we are facing these days.

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    Today is the world environment day. The environment is the gift of God. It is the responsibility of the citizens as well as the government to protect the same and see that nature will never get spoiled. We received the nature from our earlier generations in a particular state. It is our duty to hand over the same to the next generations at least in the same way if not improved.
    We should not cut trees and we should plant as many trees as possible. This will make us have fresh air and a good breeze. We should not waste water and we should see that groundwater levels will be improved by rainwater harvesting.
    One should plan to use public transport more than special transport. Using electrical vehicles may be a better option. Smoking to be reduced. Industries should use effective methods to treat contaminated gases and water before leaving them into the atmosphere.
    The government should make strict legislation to see that no one will do any act which will be detrimental to nature. The concerned authorities should follow all rules regulations while giving permissions to the industries and monitor that they will be maintained properly.

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    Its a very very good topic introduced by the author. The clear example of human carelessness towards the environment is the rising summer temperatures and delayed monsoons. It is not only the responsibility of government but as individuals, it is our own responsibility to save our Mother Earth. Small contributions will lead to major changes. The biggest solution could be to go out and plant trees as much as possible. Highways and roads are being built to provide comfort by cutting an infinite number of trees and government calls it development! Trees provide us with shadow in the scorching heat. Also, we should use electricity very carefully because a lot of natural resources are consumed in making electricity. The smallest help could be to use less Ac's and plant trees in your house. If your house does not have much space, you could do bottle planting.

    Hope humans awake before nature does!

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    Environment protection and keeping environment clean is our collective responsibility. Sometimes due to lack of governance the regulatory machinery is not functioning properly and efficiently to check and control the people for their wrong doings in the natural habitat deteriorating it further. In such times the awareness and awakening in the citizens is what takes control of the situation.

    In my neighbourhood there was a neglected playground where people especially the shopkeeper used to throw garbage. Some of the senior citizens took up the issue with the municipality which got it cleaned and fenced but showed its inability to provide a watchman or gardner. The volunteers took it in their hand and today it is one of the best park cum playing ground in this area. There is one circular walking track outside of which plants and flowers are there. The surrounding housing societies are providing water for the plants and the local citizens are contributing little amounts for beautification of the park. This is one great example of collective effort for environment conservation.

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    Contribution of the citizens in the protection and betterment of the environment is the need of the hour and the people should come forward to take up tis challenge. No Govt can protect the environment without the help of the people at large. It is a big task and requires collective efforts.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    5th June, World Environment Day:

    We are not worried about the future of our planet.

    We are worried about the future of human race in this planet.
    This is because we consider human life is precious than anything else. It is nothing but animal life with consciousness.

    Our "Mother Nature" has brilliant ways of balancing everything. For something to live here something has to die out. The advantage for some may be disadvantage for another. Nothing is permanent. What is up today will be down tomorrow and what is down today will be up tomorrow. So, things can go either way. The Nature is balancing everything. "Human race" is the product of Nature. It is what the Nature planned. Sometimes, our race is showing arrogance to raise them above Nature, thinking that they can do better, showing some degree of authority over Nature. But in the whole of Nature, we are nothing but a dot of dust.
    The Nature rules the Universe either through order or through chaos. It can wipe out humanity and take back everything in no time. Who is controlling the Nature? Not definitely the human.

    A new paper published in the Live Science, states that Human Civilization will crumble by 2050 if we don't act fast .Chernobyl exclusion zone is the glimpse of world's inhospitable to life now. By 2050, much of the Earth will be look like the same.

    In this Environment Day, let us discuss how we can build a sustainable ecosystem that works for the humanity.

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    I was reading articles in newspapers and many authors have wrote about save environment, save trees, grow trees, opinions of experts and environmentalists but very few authors were there who talks about solutions.
    We cannot blame on Govt. solemnly for the whole situation. It's a collective responsibility and we citizens have also responsibilities towards mother earth and have to participate into it. I have posted this topic on this forum for discussing this issue as well as provide ideas and suggestions and I'll be happy if members on this forum will provide so.
    Until now, however, few people have provided suggestions but they're for Govt. or Govt. bodies and not for citizens.
    I am hoping for some crucial, realistic solutions for environmental protection.
    I have found one and i would like to share here with you people. Nowadays, in City areas, people are using roads of concrete and rover blocks. Use of these kinds of roads are causing shortage of ground water and leads to increase in temperature of the city area because it doesn't provide or left any space for water to enter into the land and which eventually leads to shortage of ground water.
    So, it's important that we shall make people aware about it and restraint them from building such kind of roads.

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    What are rover blocks? Did you mean paver blocks?

    I discussed the concrete roads and paver blocks in a recent post. You are right in saying that these materials prevent water absorption and increase heat absorption and its emission. However, concrete and paver blocks are more enduring, hence more feasible.

    Spreading awareness around this is not going to be easy. How do you spread the word – what kind of campaigns do you propose? Design engineers who probably know the impact and hazards of these materials continue to promote them. Such features are a selling point for the builders. Concrete roads are fancier than ordinary blue metal tar roads.

    The initiative has to come from the Government. Construction plans need the approval of competent authorities. Along with the width and length of internal roads, there should be mandatory disclosure of the materials being used to lay them. Green spaces should also be identified and marked and there should be no permission given for concrete roads and paver blocks. Any deviation from the plan should incur a heavy fine.

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    As citizens, we can contribute in various simple ways. Each and every person can plant a tree and nurture the tree at least for ten years. Further, we must minimize the use of personal vehicles and plastic products. We must not burn harmful substances in the open air. Further, we must segregate the wastes and throw the wastes in separate dustbins.

    If we do these simple things, that would be great for protecting the environment.

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    Overpopulation is the major problem that nobody wants to talk about. Resources are limited. If we don't find a solution to this problem ourselves, it will be dealt by the Nature and will be "adjusted" without mercy.

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