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    Do you watch all world cup cricket matches or Only watch match with India only?

    Do you watch all world cup cricket matches or Only watch match with India only? I mostly watch all matches but only prefer to watch last 15 over to save our time also because 100 over watch is waste of time and with job its difficult to maintain time.

    Whats your routine about cricket world cup. Do you still have encourage to watch all matches with 100 overs .
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    I watch based on my free time. These matches are starting around 3 PM and almost will go to 11 PM. Generally, by the time I will be back from office it will be six. Then my routines in the house and I will be free only by 9 PM. Then I will try to watch on my TV for an hour or so. If the match is interesting I will continue to see otherwise I will switch off the TV. My sons don't watch the match on TV. They will be watching the match on their mobile devices. I will be getting the update from them from time to time. Today is a holiday. But I have some important work and hence I have to go out and then I have to attend a dinner with my Muslim friend. So I may miss the match today. I will get only updates from my sons. I wish the Indian team a happy beginning with a victory over South Africa in their first match and hope they will go a long way in the journey and win the title.
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    I am a big cricket fan. I have been watching all the IPL matches from the past 5 years. Cricket matches are my life. I watch the full 50 over matches of India but see other teams matches only when I have time. This World Cup is a bit boring because of the lack of close games or nail-biting matches. After completion of 75 overs of a match in the current World Cup, one can clearly predict the result and there is no need to see the end of the match.

    Hope today's match is a close one and India wins it! All the best to Team India!

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    I am not a keen cricket viewer but yes, if it is India that is playing today, I may, depending upon the availability of time will try to cover it. When our team plays we feel as if we are playing. Their win is our win and their defeat is our shame. Other matches are not much interesting for us except to find that who will reach the finals and who will play with whom.
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