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    What are your expectations from the new Education policy?

    Do you think a lot of major improvements in the education system are required? What are your own expectations in the new Education policy of the newly elected Government?

    The Indian Government is now trying to introduce a new educational policy. They want to bring some innovative radical changes in the education sector which will help the present generation. It is a welcome thought from the new government.

    I wish that the new education policy provides importance to the practical gaining of knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge as in the past education system, or learn by the doing approach and also making improvements in technical and communicative skills of the students. The education system should help the Government to utilize the energy and skills of the students for the development of the country by providing jobs either through private or government sectors. The students should not undergo studies without any aim in the new education policy I hope.

    What are your expectations?
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    We are taking up this topic as an official discussion with cc awarded for good responses. Note that this is not an active GD, but should be a healthy discussion in general on your expectations from the newly elected Govt.'s education policies.
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    Change in the education policy is a good initiative. But the change should be for betterment. The education imparted to the student should be useful to him. The education should not be for obtaining degrees. The knowledge obtained should be utilised by the individual in places wherever required. Skill development is more important than reproducing the answers in the examinations. Getting 100% is of no use without understanding the basics. This point is in the discussion for a long time.

    On the job training and hands-on working will give a more practical approach to the student. He will acquire skills for application later on. I think the proposed policy will give more thrust on these points.

    Industry and University collaboration is very important Professionals from industries should be used for giving guest lectures on the actual points that are required for the individual for becoming useful stuff to the industry. The syllabus should be framed in such a way by involving people from industries in the board of studies.

    I think the present government will think more on these lines and do the needful so that the young people coming out from the colleges will have a better chance of getting employment or will become confident to promote industry on his own under self-employment scheme so that he will be able to provide jobs to some people.

    The education given should be useful to the society through the person acquired obtained the same. Otherwise whatever money we are spending on education will be a waste of expenditure.

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    There is a need of a new educational policy to remove the ambiguities in the present system and bring new ideas for emphasis on skill based courses. Everyone is going to acquire higher educate which is not a good trend as higher education is only for those who have a knack for research and scientific projects.
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    In the education policy, experts and the authorities should give proper direction to evaluation procedure and syllabus load of the student. At present, the syllabus content from school level to P.G. level is very disturbing. Students are distressed with the unnecessary excess syllabus content and it is keeping them away from enjoying their studies. Similarly, the evaluation system also differs widely from one board to others. A uniform evaluation system should be there at all India level so that such merit should be taken for consideration for jobs at any place of India.

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    In our country there are many drawbacks in the present education system. The academic pursuit is going in a different direction while the skill oriented courses are going in another direction. There is no coherence in them. The new system should take care of this divergence and combine these two parts in one system so that the people can go to the desired jobs at an early stage rather than unnecessarily pursuing the unending academics without gaining anything from it either on the job side or knowledge side.

    We have to put a filter at some stage to stop the students at some stage and divert them to the technical certificates and diplomas which can help them in getting a technical job at an earliest. This way the unemployment at highly qualified level will decrease.

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    There is a need to change the education system. I think differently it's of no use to study a subject at higher which doesn't guarantee you a job. Many such courses are still alive which should be obsolete.

    Also at school level at least when I see the books of my kids who are in primary class the study is hard. There should be more emphasis on the analytical part. As English is now an important language so in schools focus should be more on it. In government schools the knowledge of the English language is pathetic. They should be taught English very seriously because everywhere they are expected to speak and write it proficiently.


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    The best part of the Draft New Educational Policy 2019 is the restructuring of Undergraduate programs (e.g. BSc, BA, BCom, BVoc) of 3 or 4 years duration and having multiple exits and entry options. Current UG courses which offer a mixed range of subjects( eg. science with arts) are limited to a few universities in India and such courses have no industrial value right now. This is a major problem. This is the main reason that students go to foreign universities to study since foreign universities offer a wide range of subjects and their UG courses are much more flexible. In India, a lot of students have to drop after one year when they realise that they cannot really cope up with the course they chose( mainly B.Tech and MBBS students). If UG courses start having multiple entries and exit points, it is really going to help the students and save their time.

    The second part I liked in the Draft policy was the Extension of Right to Education Act 2009 to cover children of ages 3 to 18. This was required for a long time. The 5+3+3+4 curricular and pedagogical structure based on cognitive and socio-emotional developmental stages of children is a good step as now the government is also starting to focus on the Foundational Stage.

    The proposal for the creation of new independent bodies to regulate the four functions of Standard Setting, Funding, Accreditation, and Regulation is not really required as India already has quite a large number of bodies such as UGC, AICTE, etc. The problem is the formulation and implementation of rules by the already existing bodies; the creation of new independent bodies is going to mess up everything.

    Rest all the proposals made in the Draft are more or less the same as the last policies. The government should have focussed more on the development of existing institutions rather than setting up new Universities and colleges. Eg, India has such a high number of engineering colleges that every year, only half of the total strength is filled up. This is due to the lack of quality of these institutions, not due to the lack of the number of engineering aspirants.

    The India Government should actually first focus on the improvement of the government schools before introducing any other changes in the policy! The irony is, that there is no mention of the current condition of government schools in the Draft policy!

    Hope the Modi Government rises from slumber!

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    Yes, improvements must be there in the education system and thrust should be given to learning rather than scoring marks. A few days ago I raised this thread where I mentioned that the time has come to analyze a particular trend where students are scoring almost cent per cent marks even in the humanities stream in their board exams where questions are mostly objective types. I really hope the new policy will analyze it and find out the remedies.

    After the board exams, students who score high marks get the chance to study the subjects of their choice in reputed institutions and the students who cannot score such marks are left behind studying subjects that the institution offers. This choice of subjects or stream must be chosen by the students at the beginning even before the board exams and the choice should be based on their traits and interests rather than only the marks they score. The present one-size-fits-all education system should change and students must be guided from their childhood in the direction where their interest lies. Many times the subjects we learn are only for passing the exams and students those who are not interested to learn those subjects memorize the answers to pass the exams and later on completely forget the chapters they learned. This is a wastage of time which can be utilized by learning what the student likes.

    I have seen students graduating in music, dance or fine arts. I hope this interest in music, dance or fine arts doesn't grow just after the board exams and they practice them since their childhood. They even go to learn these things in various institutions. Why these subjects are not included in their school curriculum, but instead they learn the same subjects that the others are learning? The thrust should be there to learn subjects based on the interest and traits of the students for proper utilization. The parents want the child to be a doctor but the child is not at all interested in it and feels more comfortable to learn music. The student may pass the necessary exams to be a doctor, but can he be a good doctor? I hope the government must try to find an answer to this while framing the new education policy.


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    My viewpoints on reformation of Education policy in India is as follows:-

    1. The infrastructure facilities in Government Schools and Colleges need to be improved with best faculties.
    2. There should be strict control by the Government over fee structure of Private Schools and colleges.
    3. The curriculum in the Schools and Colleges should provide more thrust on practical experiments and skill development.
    4. Uniform parameters for Standardization of assessment of Students.
    5. Free education for the Children from Economically backward classes with Scholarship for higher studies.
    6. Incentives to the parents who are economically weak for sending their children to Schools and colleges.
    7.Restriction on permission for new Schools and colleges.
    8. Constitution of a Monitoring Committee in each State to monitor the functioning of the Schools and colleges. The Schools and colleges which do not follow the norms should be closed down.
    9. Compulsory for Elected representatives to admit their children in Government Schools.

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    Today, in India, we have actually forgotten the real meaning of education. Merely, getting higher degrees and ranks doesn't mean we are educated. "Education means investment in student, children who will start providing a return in form of getting good jobs" - This is the misconception going on today in the minds of parents and with regard to this trend, education has become a tool for business and money making project for educational institutions.

    The real mission of education is to develop the personality of a child in a manner that he does have the courage and will to tackle any circumstances in life and contribute for society and nation without greed, corruption, cheating, etc.
    What we can do about corruption when the places where children are learning itself is corrupt!!

    It's time for India to focus on personality development of our children through education by providing complete help and freedom to whatever they want to learn and also infrastructure for the same and shall come out current rigid and idiotic method of teaching where only memory of a student is tested and how much he can spit in 3 hours of written exams.

    In short, the new education system must become flexible, liberal and practical and there is a huge need for change in the method of examination and providing results. (We must not forget that the highest number of students are hanging themselves are in India in the whole world which in my opinion are not suicides but murder by society as a whole.)

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