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    Do we always work for remuneration, name and fame?

    We have to work for our livelihood to take care of ourselves and our family. Whether we are salaried or self employed the earnings are required to sustain the materialistic needs of our life. Remuneration is the biggest motivator in the life of people encouraging them to work. If remuneration is commensurate with our efforts then we feel happy about it otherwise it may lead to dissatisfaction in life.

    Some people are ambitious and want to be not only financially successful but also famous in their life. They start either the political journey to serve the nation or join some social organisation to serve the community. In any case there motto is to get acknowledgement of the public at large.

    On the other hand there is a category of the people who simply serve the society or poor in their own ways within their means without making any advertisement about it. They do not want anything in return for it. Have you seen any such cases where people work without bothering for remuneration, name and fame? What do you think about it?
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    One has to have money to survive. So one has to work for that. Once we have enough money we can think of service. Many people do service while earning to help the needy. Many people will be doing that based on their final positions. But they may not bring much fame to the individual. But if we have a lot of money and if we start doing a major developmental activity, then we will get a good name.
    A person from East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh settled in Hyderabad and started an industry. From the first year itself, he started spending 10% of the profit for the development of his village which a remote place near Pithapuram of East Godavari Dt. Now that small village developed very well and people are very happy. If a student from that village gets a seat in IIT he will give him the full expenditure. Any girl is getting married in that village he will give gold for her marriage. He will be treated as God in that village. But outside the village, no one knows and no advertisement. Such people are very rare.

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    Generally we work for our livelihood and can not imagine to work free for anyone. Though there are some people who are voluntarily doing some good work for the development of the society, without expecting any return, but their number is small.
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    Work for earning to serve the family is important. It is the responsibility of a person to fulfill the needs of the family members. But the fact is that how you work to earn is also important. Some are bureaucrats serving people and earn, some become doctors to treat patients and earn while others can be either self-employed or working in different organization to earn for fulfilling the basic needs of the day-to-day life.

    While working for any particular sector, remuneration is an important motivation for an employee to work with a dedication which ultimately may lead to his fame in the organisation.

    So, enumeration and fame are very much related to each other. The more honestly you work, the more appreciation you get and eventually makes you a famous personality.

    The first priority of a person is to earn a livelihood by working hard and get remunerations but a few may go after fame as well; it depends only upon a person.

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