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    How our PM set an example - we should think about it

    Being in power, you have some freedom like an ambulance to cross even the traffic rules and regulations. Yet, here is our PM Mr. Modi who set an example to follow the rules. It was just the next day of the election result when he went to meet his mother. While returning in his car, I was very much impressed to see that sitting in the first seat next to the driver, he put the seat belt. He could have sat without that, too, but seeing him following the normal rules is just amazing.

    How many of us follow such rule is well known but here we should learn from our PM, who, despite being the head, is still following the rule like a normal person.
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    Yes, the author is absolutely right. Even if anyone has so much power and fame, he should keep his feet touched to the ground rather than flying in the sky. People who become egoistic and overconfident fail over time and their name fades away with time. Unfortunately, most of the politicians in our country are very egoistic and fly in the sky as no one can be like them. But we are lucky enough that our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji is a very good person and always remains humble and polite.

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    A thought provoking thread by the author. Our PM Mr Modi is an exceptional person. He is from a humble background and he has still maintained his simple life and he is following the rules, regulations etc just like an ordinary citizen. His actions do not show that he is holding such a top post in one of the biggest countries of the world. Very few people can keep such a grace and simplicity after reaching the highest position in the hierarchy.

    Before elections all the contestants disclosed and declared their assets and bank balances. Only Mr Modi is having the bank balance with him just like that of any other executive/ officer of India who has put up a service of 30-35 years while many contestants showed in hundreds of crores. This itself shows his integrity and honest lifestyle.

    He is down to the earth and very humble but when it comes to protect the interest of the countrymen and question of national pride, he is on the frontline.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is good that our PM is following traffic rules. As PM he should set an example to all the other citizens and he is doing that. He is a very important person now for the country. He should be safe so that he can lead the country. If he is getting hurt, he will be on the bed and the country will miss him for some time. That way it is safe to have a seat belt. In fact, wearing a seat belt should not be thought of as a rule. We should think that it is for our safety. There are many incidents in which people lost their lives in accidents for not wearing seat belts.
    Recently I heard that the newly elected AP CM gave way to an Ambulance so that the patient will be saved even though the police are not allowing any vehicle to go that way. This was taken as a very great move by the people there.
    All political leaders should think that their moments should not become a problem for the public. They should minimise the discomfort that is being caused by them to the public.

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    After all, our PM is also a citizen of our nation and also need to care for his safety and security. When the government order is to wear the seat-belt while travelling in a car, we are duty bound to follow it. Modi did it and showed to the world that seat-belt is a must for all including PM and CM if they sit in the front seat of a car. We cannot say that the car of PM won't meet with an accident. It is possible but the chances are rare, yet a seat-belt is a must for the front seat passengers.
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    Note that I have edited the text of your thread and removed the last paragraph. May I please gently request you not to constantly put needless stress on people who are highly educated, powerful, egoistic, etc etc in all and any thread. It is even spoiling the essence of your own threads/responses! There is a time and place for certain text, to be put within a certain context. Let us have some nicely worded text from now on with an absence of all those unnecessary words.

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    There are some leaders who are different from the others in the lot and Mr Modi is one of them. That is the reason that he is not only being adored in India but also being respected globally. He is simple but disciplined and that is the biggest trait.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Rachit, You are correct not only most of the Indian politics but most of the knowledgeable and powerful people are egoistic. They just want to show themselves instead of setting good example in for other people. No matter how much knowledgeable or powerful we are, we should set and honest example, instead of showing our fake ego.

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