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    The search for extra terrestrial intelligence.

    Astrophysicists working in research area are in a relentless pursuit to find out extra terrestrial life in the universe. So far, no success is made in this area but scientists are still optimistic. The day when scientists discover an intelligent life form having consciousness more or less like us will be a jubilant day for the scientific community.

    Chances of having extra terrestrial intelligence can not be ruled out but the thing is that even if they are there it will be in some planet circling around some distant star. Interestingly the closest star system, Alpha Centauri, is 4.2 years away and seeing the speed of space rockets it will take a whopping 60000 years to reach there. So the practical aspects are very challenging and to achieve detection of such intelligent life forms there is a dream only.

    Do you think that extra terrestrial life exists? Please share your knowledge about it.
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    Yes, I do believe that extra terrestrial life exists. This universe is far beyond what we think and is unimaginable. The sightings of aliens might be a proof to this. There might be other people also living in the universe. You are right that even if extra terrestrial intelligence exits, it will be on some planet circling around some distant star and with the help of rockets, it is nearly impossible to reach there.

    But the recent developments in science and technology open up new ways to cover such large distances. Research in the field of teleportation is going on and it might be possible in a few decades that we can go from one part of the universe to other in a few seconds. Also, there have been theories which suggest that there are things which can move faster than the speed of light such as the spin of the atom and it might be true.

    The universe is beyond our imagination. Black holes have always remained the most mysterious thing for scientists. Though scientists have been able to get the picture of the black hole, they are still far away from reality. If black holes can not allow even light to pass through it and time is still in a black hole, it might be possible that black holes may help us go from one place to other too quickly and let us play with time!

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    While the years you say are correct, there are also advancements in cryogenic freezing which will keep astronauts and their supply intact. And also there are advancements in quantum mechanics. So the journey itself is going to be much less painful for that amount of years. Extra terrestrial life exists according to probability. In our solar system itself there are thousands of places where liquid water is speculated. Life as we know then can exist there. But these beings will be in microbial form. Intelligent life is harder to speculate. We are only assuming that the aliens would like to talk, that too in radio signals. We could be wrong. It's impossible to speculate what their mode of communication is. Or even their intentions to meet us. We have too less to analyse or understand in case of extra terrestrial life.
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    Our knowledge on Astronomy is very limited. We are yet to understand our solar system fully. We do not what is existing beyond our solar system. When we start thinking on these lines many questions comes to our mind. Are there many such solar system like ours?. Are they technologically advanced than us?. Why they have not tried to contact us ?.

    There have been many reports about aliens entering in to earth. But there are no substantial evidence in this regard.

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    Members have added so much knowledge in the subject. I also want to add one thing that even if they exist their relative size will also be an interesting thing to observe.
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    No doubt we are advancing in space science and many new things are being revealed in these pursuits. But the more you dig the more is the confusion. This is what is exactly happening these days. Lot of work is being carried out by the experts in the field to know about extraterrestrial life in the universe. But still, there is no positive hint on this. But the doors are not closed. There may be another planet where intelligent life is existing and people like us may be living there. The knowledge so far we acquired may not be able to understand the signals that are being sent by them or they may be also doing the work what our scientists are doing here. It may take a few more decades, I feel, to say a confident yes or no for this question. Till such time we will be having this suspense and various speculations will be going around.
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    Extra-terrestrial life, a topic that has spewed numerous books, fantasy movies, and the unforgettable "Star Trek" series. Life form beyond Earth would be a possiblity if we think of the simple microbial life form. While many think of moon and far away galaxies, the most favorable place is Europa, one of the moons of the planet Jupiter that has traces of oxygen and indirect evidence of water.

    Who knows what lies beyond our planet Earth. One day, there could be evidence of a life form as advanced as ours and then our world will never be the same again.

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    It needs lots of research to find out if life exists on another planet. It's been said that aliens exist and many of the people claim that they saw UFO but there is no concrete evidence of the same.

    We need lots of research to find out if life exists beyond earth. Scientists are doing research but have not got success in finding out the traces of life anywhere. Let the research continues and we come to know life somewhere else also.


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    This is really one of the most interesting but intriguing subject of our times to find out the possibility of similar life forms in other heavenly bodies and it is a challenge task to the science especially the astronomy branch of modern sciences. Seeing the vastness of the universe and astronomical distances involved it looks like a most difficult puzzle to solve. The imposition of speed on the objects or communication particles by the speed of light is another constraint because even the speed of light is nothing when we use it to access the far stars and their planets. We have to go a long long way to unearth this mystery.
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