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    New J&K Policy is being formulated

    Amit Shah has taken charge of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). Immediately he has started the work. At the same time, Ajit Doval has been re-appointed as National Security Advisor (NSA), this time with Cabinet rank. Both of them are known as hardliner so far as Jammu & Kashmir is concerned.

    Home Minister has started working on removing discriminatory Article 370 and Article 35A, which give special status to Jammu & Kashmir. Furthermore, till now, a small 10 kmx10 km Kashmir valley used to get much more importance and attention compared to much bigger Jammu, Ladakh and Kargil. A new delimitation commission has been formed which will reduce the undue influence of Kashmiris in the entire state and Jammu, Ladakh and Kargil will also enjoy the fruits of development.

    I whole-heartedly welcome the setting up of delimitation commission for Jammu & Kashmir. A new policy is being formulated for the state which will give equal importance to all parts of the state and remove the so-called special status which in actuality used to encourage separatism of the Kashmir valley.

    The Home Minister has started working.
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    Article 370 requires immediate attention to have real democracy in India. Special concessions can be given but they should not cause problems to the other Indian Citizens and special privileges need not be given to Pakistan people. This is the absolute necessity and I hope the present government will take this issue seriously I think. The very purpose of making Amit Shah as Home minister is to look into such issue and see that justice will be done. Majority of Indians will support this move and they will cooperate with the government by helping to the maximum extent possible to maintain normalcy in the country.
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    The new Govt has started functioning from day one and that is a praiseworthy thing. It is said that well begin is half done and a good start is the sign of a good end. Let us hope that the Govt gets success in its plan to bring J & K back to its old glory. I remember that there was a time when J & K was the one of the topmost tourist place in India and every film maker used to take his unit there for shooting. The state has a good production of fruits, flowers and many other botanical items. The terrorism and selfishness of some fundamentalists has ruined this state and the maximum harm is done to the muslim population living there. They have lost opportunity for progress and are trapped in the web laid by the terrorist leaders.

    J & K requires urgent and immediate repair of its human resource to bring back its population to the main stream and whatever changes are required have to be carried out for the interest of this beautiful and resourceful state which was once termed as the crown of our country..

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    That's a good move by the government and that was essential too. That is good for the people of J&K because they are deprived of the development. No new industry is allowed to set up, no outsider can buy a piece of land to start a shop, even outsiders are not allowed to take admission in school or colleges there. In all the state is cut off from another part of India. Also, there are some privileges which are given to state which in my opinion should be lifted up. Thanks to the government and people of Kashmir should understand that it's for their growth only.

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    Although the delimitation has taken place in India over more than twelve years before, the delimitation in Jammu & Kashmir has been pending. This is to give undue advantages to the people of Kashmir valley and neglect people of Jammu, Ladakh and Kargil. I sincerely hope that this discrimination ends.

    Expectedly, Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are against the delimitation. The Central Government must not bother to listen to these two self-serving politicians.

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    As per the 2011 census, the total population of Jammu Division was 53,78,538 of which Dogras are the dominant group comprising 62.55 percent of the population. Jammu has 25.93 percent of the area and 42.89 percent of the population.

    Kashmir Division population in 2011 was 68,88,475 with 96.40 percent Muslims. Though it has 15.73 per cent of the state's area, it holds 54.93 percent of the population.

    Ladakh has 58.33 percent of the area accounting for 2.18 percent of the population, a mere 2,74,289 people reside there, of which 46.40 percent are Muslims, 12.11 percent Hindus and 39.67 percent Buddhist.

    From the above, it is clear that the present seat sharing is highly discriminatory against the people of Jammu and Ladakh Divisions and this must be redressed by delimitation.

    "If you are killed in action, you go to Heaven. If you win, you rule this Earth (as beautiful as Heaven). That is why, O son of Kunti, take a firm resolve and fight!"-- Shrimad Bhagwad Gita

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    One India One policy. There shouldn't be any difference between Indian states. All states of India should be treated equally with no special privilege for any particular state. The Modi led BJP government must bring changes in governance without any fear or favour. The government has the support of the majority of Indians. We should appreciate the new Home Minister's move in this respect. I would say that our present government is bold and courageous to make a new beautiful India.
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