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    British has left India long back but not from our mind

    Even after 70 years of our Independence, we judge our education or knowledge by the measurements of English language. The better you know English, the more respect you get in India regardless of how you live or what you do in your daily life. If you don't have command in English, you are a kindergarten kind of person no matter how inteligent or honest you are in your field.

    I am not criticising a Language and I can't. A language is great in itself that no one can insult it. Having fluency in any language is an asset to have specially in English which is spoken in world over. But this should not be a criteria to tag a person with knowledge. The problem start when the experts in English start behaving as if they have the only right to the most knowledgeable person. The problem start when the person who is weak in English are looked below par level in society.

    It seems only our country has got independent and not our soul and mind.
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    You are right. We could chase and drive away the British out from India but we embraced their English tightly, and we are unable to part it. The British ruled us so strongly that they have sown the seed English to grow in Indian land. This made the Indian forget their own mother tongue and its literature. Every Indian aspires to become a master of English. Every parent wants their child to speak good English to feel proud of them. We are almost Britindian.
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    That's true. People who don't have good knowledge of the English language are not considered educated which should not be the case.

    It's because we have made it. It's because even after the Britishers left our country the language has assimilated in our blood. We are more focused on teaching our kids English and that's needed also. Everything in government offices as well as in private offices things are done in English only. Even you go for a job interview in the private sector they expect you to speak in English and underrate you if you don't do so. We need to change the system to change this and this cannot be done in a day it will change gradually if we try to change it.


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    Person with proficiency in English language need not be a knowledgeable person.
    Japan,Germany,France,China etc, these countries are highly advanced in all fields with their own languages.Chines space ships taking commands in Chinese language only.
    We are learning English for our survival. I will consider the person who is weak in his native language is looked below par level in society,not the other way.

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    I would disagree with the authors title and content to present a different viewpoint.

    We learn our mother tongue well, we take a regional language at school and start learning. Simultaneously we are exposed to at least 2-3 languages as we grow up. When it comes to day to day activities, education, paperwork, English becomes a common platform on which most things are carried out.

    More importantly, at this point of time 2019, we are not an isolated country, our education, our trade, our financial markets, our geo-political equations everything needs English to a varying extent. So, a command on a language that helps our lives becomes mandatory and not a choice.

    We are Indians, learning English does not make us less patriotic or more British. It is just a fact of life for people who have to look beyond a particular district or state for their living. Lastly but not least, English is just a language not a culture that we need to be worried about.

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    English surely makes a person stand out among the crowd in India. But, having known English alone would not yield any results. In Corporate world, it's more of knowledge, skill set and quality what you have and how you can match it with the common objective of the company matters a lot.

    Everyone agrees with me, Communication is one of the vital skills which shall give you wings. As English is a wide spread language, fluency in English gives you wings and makes the person a special one. Yeah as someone had already pointed out, knowing more English would not make us Pro-British. It is just that, we want to improve in our career and societal status, hence we do need to learn English.

    Indian PM Mr Modi is one of the classic examples of a person, mastered communication and oratory skills, known English lesser and made an influential charm world wide.

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    The Britishers have succeeded in creating an inferiority complex among Indians by imposing English. Language is a mode of communication. Whereas in India lack of fluency in English is considered as backward. Knowledge cannot be linked to fluency of language. No doubt knowledge of English languages helps in our career. But that alone will not serve the purpose. I have seen many boys and girls from rural areas finding it difficult in answering the interview questions. Our interviewers rather than looing at the candidates strength make fun of their knowledge on English. We can learn any language any point of time and master it. But knowledge cannot be mastered by everyone.

    Therefore I agree with the author , though we have got the political independence , we have not got the independence from language left behind by the Britishers. Like wise we are forced to practice many bad cultures of Britishers.

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    I agree with Neeraj that a person having good knowledge of English is not considered knowledgeable or intelligent. Though we should know it as most of the things we do in offices is in English only so we should have knowledge of it. As most of the works we do in offices is on the computer and to work on it we should know English.

    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    Natrajan, I feel you didn't read my post properly. No where I have said that English is not necessary. In fact my own kid is in English medium. And if anyone say that English is not important to learn in today's life, I personally feel no one would be more foolish than her/him. Indeed, English is a necessary and most important language. But this is not what I am discussing here. Neither, I am discussing here about patriotism. However, isn't it true that British use to hate us? Because we were not up to their level of education or not up to live life like them. I think no one would deny about this. And, I am talking about the same is happening today, people those who think are expert in English, taunt at people those who are weak or poor in English. If not many, at least few people are still here in this earth like that. We measure our education with English language, isn't it true?

    I feel every person in our society have the right to live with the respect whether they know English or not. English is not copyright language to anyone's personal. And no one have the right to insult or taunt to the person who is weak in English. This is what my this thread is about.

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    Actually, we don't chant the names of the British rulers every morning, so they are not in our mind in any way. I would say the title suggests that the author has some kind of grudge on a section of people. I have never seen that a person's level of knowledge is judged by her/his command in the English language. I find a sentence in the thread really interesting and quoting it here. The author said, "Having fluency in any language is an asset to have specially in English which is spoken in world over". The author is admitting that fluency in the language English which is widely spoken all over the world is an asset and when people try to master it here in India it is thought that Britishers are there in our mind. I hope the sentence of the author which I quoted here speaks for itself. A few people may think it in that way but for the rest, the knowledge of English language is not a criterion to tag people. The company which deals with English speaking clients hire employees with a proficiency in English because the employees will deal with the clients and respond to their e-mails. Whereas a company whose clients are Indians and mostly local people will not give that importance to the English language. Our country is huge and people in different states speak different languages. So, if a common language is selected for interaction between the people of different states and in that case if English is chosen as the language since it is spoken widely the world over I don't see anything unnatural here.

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    When Britishers captured this country in their clutch our people were under them and there was no option except to abide by the rules and regulations they imposed on us. So we were following their instructions and they were ruling us and ruled on us for quite some time. It is obvious that they were much advance and modern than us and our people were impressed by their mannerism and etiquette. So it was natural that we were also impressed with their language and their gestures and the way they talked and exchanged pleasantries with each other. Unknowingly our ancestors copied all those traits and anyone who started behaving like them was respected by the common lot. Speaking English became a fashionable thing. The people converted to Christianity are living example of these ways of life.

    The flames of these traits are still not extinguished fully and show their colour time to time. Only difference is English being a global medium of communication and popular all across the world has been accepted as a necessity rather than fashion.

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    Learning any language is a great thing and it helps us understand diverse cultures and their identity. Right there is no problem in learning the English language and it helps us stand out from the crowd in India. But at the same time, we can't undermine those not speaking English. English surely is not the measure of intelligence! It is only a language though it gives us the edge to get recruited in different organisations.

    We can't do away with the English language because from the very beginning our curriculum in schools and colleges is in English. So, if you don't know English, you have to learn it. It is the most important language as our educational setup is all in the English language.

    However, those not speaking English can never be treated as mediocre or nobody has the right to disrespect them. There are people who prove better in their regional languages and only know little English. Yes, Britishers did implement the English language in Indian educational system but we can take it only as a language and there is nothing anti-British or pro-British.

    Learn English including all other languages that one may be interested in and at the same time take onboard all those people who are not good at English and we can't disrespect them simply because they don't know it!

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    Refer #666997

    "English is not copyright language to anyone's personal. And no one have the right to insult or taunt to the person who is weak in English. This is what my this thread is about"

    The above statement is not understood. Request the Author to explain.
    Who is taunting whom for not knowing this 'Firangi' language English??

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    English these days has become a universal language. But there are countries where they never care for English but progressed very well. Japan is an Example of that. Many people in China also don't know English. They use translators when they have to communicate in English. So it is not correct to think that only people who speak, write and understand English is knowledgeable persons. They are good in English. When you have a doubt in English you can contact them. There are people who are scholars in other languages and other subjects. We can't underrate them. They are good in their particular language and their subject. We can contact them when we have a doubt in that language or subject.
    But as mentioned by the author we may come across some people who think that only English knowledge is very useful and the other languages are not on par with English. That is a wrong notion.
    Britishers left many unwanted things in India while going and taken away many good things from India. Indians should realise this.

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    The author is absolutely right. Once upon a time, the Indian society had its own value system and its own identification. Now-a-days, India is losing its precious culture and the Western society is so much influencing it that Western countries have started dominating India so much. This is all due to the British rule which ended in India a long time ago but the thinking remains the same. Be it fashion or food or language, everything is judged according to Western culture. In India, development means to become more like USA or China or Britain. People these days want to teach English to their children rather than Hindi. Everyone is judged on the basis of how much English the person can speak or how fashionable is the person. Colleges have been influenced by Western culture the most. I don't think India can regain its lost culture. Its high time that Indians realise the importance of the Indian culture.

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    There was a time when English was a language of elite and high class. People got extra respect in society if they talked in English. Though Britishers have left the country but that mindset remained here.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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