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    Blaming others for our faults.

    Success and failures are the parts of life. When we endeavour for something it is not necessary that we will get successful every time. So, we must take the failures in our life boldly and again try for the objectives may be in a modified form.

    Many times it is seen that people blame others or the various situations which caused the setback in their lives. They do not analyse it in the proper ways and do not do self introspection. Their primary aim becomes to somehow get the sympathy of others by blaming a person or some excuse or strange reason for their failure.

    Does it make sense to blame others for our failures? What is your feeling about it?
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    We find such people in all walks of life. Blaming others and playing the victim card is a form of manipulation. It is a major failure on such people's part that they do not recognise their own follies. It perhaps stems from a delusion that they were right or dogged confidence that their actions can neither be questioned nor pointed out.

    Yes, it is a deliberate attempt to influence others to gain sympathy, and at times their persistence pays off, but for how long. People see through their ploy sooner or later. And those who continue to stand in their support perhaps share a similar mental setup.

    Highlighting one's sanctimony is a negative trait. I view such people as a victim of their egos. I'd ignore them and their theatrics - like Rhett Butler's character in Margaret Mitchell's famous novel said - 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn'. I cannot empathise with such folks and am in complete concurrence with your views on the subject.

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    People do this because they are scared of what others will say if they will come to know that he or she has done the mistake.

    It's very wrong as we should have the courage to accept our fault and refrain from blaming others for our faults. I have seen lots of people doing it but they should not do like people like who accept their fault and promise not to repeat them in future.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
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    It is very easy to blame others for our failures. Teachers blame students and students blame teachers. Parents blame children. Team leaders blame team members and team members blame team leaders and so on. But fact is that no one will own their responsibility for the failure. If any points at us we will become defensive and try to justify we are right and others are wrong. We need to change this attitude. We should first introspect ourselves and see where we have gone wrong. When we admit our mistakes , there is a scope for improvement and development. Otherwise we will continue to do the same mistakes again and again.
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    It is very true that most of us resort to these blame games and always make something responsible for other thing even if they are in no way connected to each other. Failure is entirely a personal achievement and how can we blame others for it. But for some it is a habit and way of life by indicting others for their setbacks and failures in life.
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    When we lose we tend to search for some reason where the impact will not come on us. I see this character in many people these days. There is no rule that we should be successful in all our endeavours. Sometimes we may not be successful. in such case, we should soul search ourselves and see where is the wrong foot. We should rectify that and progress. This is required. But if we blame others and say that we are correct, we will never realise our mistake and we will continue to lose. Every time we will be searching for someone to be a scapegoat.
    In many corporates, we see the top bosses doing this many times. If the mistake is committed by them they will look around too through the blame on somebody. If they are successful the will not see around and concentrate on them only and say they are the reason for success.
    By blaming somebody will never give you any sympathy. Unnecessary the problem will be shifted to some other place and they will be searching in the wrong places. To err is human. Accept your failures and see that this will not repeat.

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    In the face of success we often hear the word " I did this" I achieved this" but in the face of failure we hear " we couldn't make it' 'we tried hard but failed". This is common but even worse than this is trying to pin the failure on somebody else. I do not agree with this, this attitude of diverting the blame to garner sympathy towards oneself is not a sign of maturity. It may be acceptable in the beginning but not always.

    When we start blame others including our own streak of bad luck, we loose the potential to think positively and learn from the failure. How much ever we may blame and even get away with it, the truth is that we are responsible for our own actions and decisions. Instead, it is better to stand up to our faults and failure, then put in the changes needed to succeed.

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    Yes, there are people around us who keep playing blame game. Actually, for such people, if anything happen according to them or as per their likes, it is well and good but if it doesn't happen according to them, their intelligent brain stuck between accepting the truth and their own ego. If you pint out their mistakes, it looks for them is blaming. Such person never digest if one do not support their opinion.

    No matter how much we say, we don't care a damn but the same people get hurt their ego so easily and come out open to blame others to gain their popularity or say personal benefit. We have seen in the past and will keep seeing in the future. Because some people say other thing but do exactly opposite.

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