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    India sees 50% dip in malaria cases in 2018

    That's great news. This can be due to the use of the very clear evidence-based interventions, especially insecticidal nets," said Manoj Jhalani, additional secretary, ministry of the health ministry and family welfare.

    Malaria cases declined by between 10% and 85% in 2018 across states, according to the surveillance data. Only Himachal Pradesh, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and Lakshadweep reported an increase in the number of cases over the previous year.

    This is because of the appropriate medication and fast diagnosis of the disease. I remember in the past the disease was considered to be very deadly which is not now.

    It's good to see that we are developing !
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    It is a good news that there is a dip in Malaria cases. But alarming is that cases of dengue and chikungunya is on the increase. When the authorities take control of one disease, a new disease erupts. Some times it makes us to believe the reports that the new diseases is the handiwork of Pharmaceutical Companies. We cannot rule out the apprehension. The health care has become so commercial and people are prepared to do anything for the sake of money.
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    It is true that there is a very less number of cases are getting reported for Malaria, This is mainly due to the improved maintenance of surroundings in the majority of places. Indirectly it may be due to the Clean India movement also. Many old diseases which are due to improper surroundings are reducing.
    There is good progress in the medical sciences and there is a good improvement in the awareness of the people. Many diseases which were thought to be not curable are now getting cured with the latest developments in the field. Even there are good medicines for some types of cancers and I know many people who recovered well from cancer and leading a normal life. The average life of a person is also high now than in olden days. All these are mainly due to the scholars in the field working towards finding a cure to the killer diseases.

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    Due to many measures including cleanliness and fogging of dirty places there is a decrease in mosquito colonies which is the main reason for decrease in this disease. With more cleanliness drives in place and spraying of the water bodies and small drains this is going to reduce further. In many places the citizen groups are doing a very good job in keeping the place clean and such efforts will definitely help us in eradicating Malaria. These efforts are required more during the rainy season as that is the time when mosquitos spread fast through the water bodies especially the stagnant ones.
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    Overall, the situation is encouraging but there are four states where the cases have increased. Maybe those states need more awareness campaign as well as cleanliness drive so that it comes down significantly within a short span. As Mr Krishnadas has mentioned in his reply @ #667012 that though there is a decrease in the outbreak of Malaria the other mosquito-borne diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue is on the rise. I am a little confused regarding the percentage of the decline of Malaria cases in 2018 because the thread mentions it declined between 10% and 85% in 2018 throughout the country. This indicates that the decline is not uniform everywhere and hence more effective measures have to be taken to stem the outbreak. Along with the authorities, everyone should participate in the cleanliness drive to ensure that their area remains clean and do not become the breeding ground for mosquitoes. There is a drive everywhere and we can see a dip in the spread of the disease. I hope with more intense drives the outbreak of mosquito-borne diseases will further come down.

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    It is a good news and shows that with this trend we will be able to contain and control this disease in our country. I think cleanliness and covering the open drainages is necessary to manage the menace of mosquitoes.
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