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    Why Mehbooba Mufti take always side of Pakistan?

    Why Mehbooba Mufti take always side of Pakistan? We all know Mehbooba Muft is an Indian politician of the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) who who served as the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir also but never she tell any good word for India and take always side of Pakistan.

    I think this is the time to give treatment to all peoples and politicians who are against our country.

    I did not understand Mahbooba Mufti and Mamta banarjee . Both always tell against word which is not suitable for country and public.

    Please share your views on this.
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    There is a long story and a longer history behind their talking in that manner. It is the product of prejudiced mind where community, religion and tribe has precedence over nation. It is unfortunate but if one goes through the history of Muslim religion and rulings in different parts of the world this will become more clear and one will be able to see the deep roots of this conflict and stubbornness going to the basic beliefs and premises on which these people are surviving in the global canvas.

    They do to want anyone to touch their comfort zone which they have acquired in decades by their solidarity to their religion and their timidness in getting sympathy of the ruling Govt by creating fear of losing elections or creating agitations etc. Once they know what works in their favour they simply continue that policy without bothering for the much larger prospect that is the 'country'. Country becomes only important when they fully rule it as per their whims and desire.

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    She is from Jammu and Kashmir and utter statements to suit her political goals. Her comments will be circulated widely and she will find a place in the mind of separatists there too. She is not at all concerned about the nation and since J&K enjoys a special status she is more interested in the internal politics there in the region. If the issue is settled her party PDP will have a little say and will not exist in the long run. She and her party members always try to keep the situation simmering so that it can be easily ignited by the others. By doing this tactic the situation will never improve and they will also keep on shouting.

    The case of Ms Banerjee is something different. She has high aspirations to lead the country and thinks she is always right while the others opposed to her idea always wrong. You will have some idea if you go through the article Why Mamata Banerjee continues to have a huge support base in West Bengal about the functioning of the state government of West Bengal. Nervousness is clearly visible from her comments and activities since there is a dent in her support base. She single-handedly ended the rule of the Left front here and the people of this state expect some political maturity from her. What she is doing here is neither good for the people not for her own political party.


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    People should not play politics with the Country. Mehbooba Mufti is trying appease locals to win over them in coming State elections. Mamata Bannerjee is trying to appease Muslims. Politicians who are anti nationals and dividing the Country on the basis of religion should discarded.
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    It is very unfortunate that we have politicians like that. J & K is having a special status as per the article 370. So the Muslim community living there are having special privileges. To be good with them and get their votes Mehbooba Mufti takes always their side. Once the article 370 is amended, she can't talk as she likes and I hope she will lose her importance and her party may not even exist.
    Mamata Banerjee is having a lot of aspiration to become the Prime Minister of this country. She thinks by upkeeping the caste, creed and religion politics in the front line she can become the supreme power. The recently concluded elections shown her the capacity she has having. The Indian voters showed her that for them the country is more important than any other issue. Even now she is not understanding the ground realities. I think her political career may get closed if she loses in the coming West Bengal State election. The people of that state should teach a lesson to her.

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    This is politics as both of them are not concerned about the nation but want to be in power by alluring the Muslim community. As rightly said by Sankalan Mamta Banerji is very ambitious and want to be the prime minister of the country but she forgets that by attracting a particular she cannot become the PM. She needs to think and say unbiased to be liked by the people of India.

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    Now public more aware so they are selecting right candidate in election and giving right answer to those kind of politicians who are against country. Siddhu is a Sardar but he also can not stop him on praising Pakistan I think Siddhu also going to loose in next election.
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