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    I know it much better than you

    Hey, I am not saying this and also do not know things more than the other person. I have just heard two children arguing on a hot topic that we discuss almost on a regular basis nowadays. As long as you are a child all these are somehow acceptable. What is important here is learning. Since childhood, we learn many things with the help of our parents and teachers but interestingly we all learn by ourselves. Teachers help us a lot to understand things, but learning and realization is a process that is absolutely under our control. Whether somebody will learn or realize is absolutely depended on that person only. From the outside, others can only say what is important and what should be learnt.

    While learning is very important another important part is unlearning. It helps to get rid of bad habits or preconceived ideas which ultimately help in our progress to do things in a better way. So, learn what you like and in between, you need to unlearn too.
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    Though I was not able to correlate the title much with the content in this post but the central message is very loud and clear that though learning is a great thing but at the same time unlearning of some unintended traits or bad things is equally important. It is like cleaning of the place and making a room for keeping new things. Discarding useless and rather harmful things from our mind is something which we do not care or bother but they create a lot of ambiguities and difficulties in our life later. It is something akin to getting rid of bad company.

    I congratulate the author for bringing this unusual but import aspect in our life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    When someone says I know better than you, means that he has no scope for development. Learning should not have any barrier. We had one CEO who was poor in computer literacy. In order to learn computer he attended a training sessions along with clerical staff. We should respect the knowledge and we should not look at from where it is coming.
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    You are not the judge to judge your knowledge. In such a case, a knowledgeable man will never say that I know better than you. There is a saying in Telugu which means empty vessels will make more noise. So somebody is telling that I know more than you, we need not consider that man as a knowledgable man.
    In this world no one is perfect and no one is 100% ideal. They will have some good qualities and some on the other side. If you see and want to learn from him the good qualities he is having but forget about the other qualities he has. If you feel someone is having some qualities which are not reliable discard them and you don't learn them from him or from anybody.
    When you see a person who is all having good traits and if you feel that you have some qualities which are not desirable you should get rid of those habits. This is also good learning.

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    "Unlearning to really learn: A sign of maturity". This would better suit this thread. A child can be proud that he or she knows more, its that age, but we as adults should be humble and learn more.

    As we go through the stages of life, we realize that some of what we learned is not correct. So, we unlearn some of these and then re-learn. This is what true life and maturity are all about. Giving up greed, jealousy, wrong notions, hatred, etc so that we can learn the right things and be better human beings.

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    Learning has no limits actually. We learn things from everyone provided we are curious and keen to learn. Even there is a scope to learn from a kid. It's very sad that few people think that they know everything and think themselves to be superior to others which leave no scope for them to learn new things. I know such people who think that they know everything but actually they don't know anything.

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