Have you watched movie "Bharat" starring Salman Khan? What is the review?

On this Eid, a much awaited movie named "Bharat" has got released starring Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover in lead roles.
If anyone have seen the movie, do share your views or say review about this film. I haven't watched it yet and till now, i am trying to figure out how this movie is by reading reviews on social media, Google, by searching videos of people who have watched the movie and reviews of our critics.
Till now, what I have come to conclusion from these exercise is that "Bharat" is remake of Kkorean movie named "Ode to my father" which was about journey of one person who departs from his father in some serious circumstances where he promises his father to take care of his family. In that movie, we witness his journey of life with crucial moments of the nation as well.
Most of the people who are huge fan of "Salman - The Bhai' kind will love the movie. Most of the critics are not happy with the script and in their opinion, the story is good, starting and ending is emotional and there are some funny and romantic and action scenes but it as whole doesn't go with practical storyline and in addition to that it is boring because of its improper screenplay and too long running time.
Because of two way mixed reviews, i am little confused and want people to present their views here whether you people like it or not openly.