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    The more you complain the more incompetent you become.

    The fact is that as soon as we are acknowledged to this materialistic world we are surrounded with at least many of the problems which we never had intended to have and rather than attending to it and try to solve to our competencies we just move on complaining this to others. This would a surprising for any of us that even to what level that we have reached to but still we all have one thing in common that we in some way or the other are busy in complaining. May this be our colleague on office floor or even someone very close to us or even the others which we are not aware of or unknown to us?

    But at the end of this chapter, don't you feel that you are proving yourself as more incompetent and inefficient and you are solely the responsible person for this?

    We being a human being are expected to be the most intelligent among all the living entities on this planet but on the other hand and instead of behaving accordingly we are moving just opposite to it allowing more criticism onto this account.
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    Many people have this habit of complaining about others. This is a bad habit but they resort to it because they want to divert the attention from them and from their deeds. It is very common in the workplace and also seen happening in our houses also within the family members. People feel that once they have complained about someone then that is the end of it but they do not know that this is going to in fact ruin their own reputation in the society. A bad trait will always give a bad name to a person.
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    There are people who always try to find fault with others and try to complain against them always. Iti's never advisable. If really someone finds a fault with other people he can have a chat with the other person and try to understand his point of view. If necessary he can give a piece of his mind to the other person to correct him and leave it there. Instead of that when that particular person is not available talking about him to others and complaining about other person should not be encouraged by the listeners also. One should know that the way in which we find fault with others, others also can find faults with us.
    One should remember that when you are pointing a finger towards a person, the other four fingers will be pointing towards us. This is the fact of life. One should know their limits and be good with people.

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    Some people have a habit of complaining. They will make complaints on everything as if they are searching opportunities to complain. This is a bad trait and harmful for the person who is unnecessarily complaining. If instead of complaining they utilize that time and energy in creative matters that will benefit them.
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    I agree with you partially. I am talking in view of the Corporate sector or official facet of people.

    We need to complain; else, the entire blame would be put on us. Complaining for the sake of escaping from the responsibility assigned is wrong. Complaining for the good of us wherein you have been assigned a job which depends on a partial contribution from a third party and in turn, the third party is not up to the mark, it is your moral responsibility to complain to the Management.

    Criticizing is different from complaining. And even, complaining is different from informing. Complaining is - you are telling a hard fact about the ill trait of self (?) or others. Informing means, conveying the message irrespective of the nature of the topic. Criticizing is scrutinizing the pros and cons of the subject matter.

    In a nutshell, we need to complain, if we are genuine. We need to complain if a third party is not productive enough in a Company. We need to complain about ourselves, if we are not good enough. So, complaining is good.

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    Many people including myself have the habit of discussing their problems ( not complaining), this often helps in lessening our burden, getting some moral support and at times some timely advice. I think this is a good approach.

    But the same taken to the extreme wherein one is constantly complaining to others about each and everything takes a toll on their own lives and the relationships they have with people around them. Initially, people would have a genuine concern, as time goes by, they would also shun such constant complainers.

    When we are in a complaining mode, we become very defensive and critical about all key things. This acts as a stumbling block and our minds do not think the problem aloud wherein there is a chance of overcoming it and thereby gaining self-confidence and valuable experiences in life.

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    I fully agree with the author. A man or woman who is perpetually complaining proves his/her own incompetence. In our office, we frequently confront such colleague(s) and all of us consciously avoid such people due to their incompetence.
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