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    Every day is a creative day.

    The creative people never stop. They go on creating newer and newer things every day. For them every morning brings energy to create more in the life. Whether one is a craftsman or an artisan or a painter or a writer or a poet or an actor or an artist, all are engaged in creation. Creativity is sometimes addictive. Some people do not sit idle till they complete the quota of creativity for that particular day. They are the real gems of artistic and creative space.

    Do you also feel like that and want to do something new or creative every day or you are satisfied with the monotonous routines of our life? Please share your views about this aspect in our life.
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    A motivating post by the author. Yes, I also agree that we should involve ourselves in some sort of creativity everyday in our life. Creativity makes us aspiring and ambitious for our future endeavours. It gives us a feeling of achievement and encourages us to go ahead.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes, I want to something creative and unique as I am bored of monotonous life. Life has become so boring for me these days. My job takes most of the time of the day and has a routine work of production which involves dealing with the workers and the production targets. And when I come back home I get so much tired that I don't wish to do anything except rest.

    It's been like I have been trapped somewhere I had thought a better life but never thought that life will be like this.

    I want to travel and explore new places. I want to give more time to the family. I have saved lots of things which I want to do but due to time constraint, I am unable to do.


    " The two most important days in your life are the day when you are born and the day you find out why? "
    – Mark Twain

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    Creativity is a tool to make our life more interesting. People who are having some creativity will never feel happy if they have not done something on that day. Somehow they will find sometime and do something or other.
    I did my Ph D under the guidance of a professor. He is a very well known scientist in the university and he has been given many awards. He is a very good painter. He used to make very good paintings. Everyday he used to spend minimum two hours on painting. He used to be very busy. Even then before sleeping he used to do some work with his brush on canvas before he go for his sleep. I used to spend a lot of time with him when he was doing this work.
    I practice writing poems in Telugu. Initially I used to do it whenever I get sometime. But these days I am trying to write at least one poem daily.

    always confident

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    I love creativity. For the mere fact that, creativity is like giving birth to something new. Newness is itself has resided in my name!

    Creative people wants to come out of stereotypical practice and want to start their own or keep on experimenting with the things not been dealt so far. Creativity is like fuel to the brain. Your brain would be put into exercise many ways of doing a routine task. This shall arrest monotony which majority of the people are struggling from in everyday life at office.

    I too always try to do things differently; which has made me mark myself in the Corporate job of a Fortune 500 Company. Isn't Creativity is the result of why we are flying now in flights? Or having a vehicle to commute? Creativity means progression. Creativity means coming out of dark and moving towards light. Creativity means life.

    Let's be creative to create something creative to make the world creative enough to create the non-created.

    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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