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    Reservations-A help or betrayal?

    A total of 7,95,031 candidates living in India cleared NEET 2019 out of the14,10,755 candidates who appeared for the exam. As many as 2,86,245 candidates in the unreserved category, 3,75,635 in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category, 99,890 in the Scheduled Caste (SC) category, and 35,272 in the Scheduled Tribe (ST) category cleared the exam. Minimum qualifying percentile for the unreserved category was 50 percentile; for UR-PH, it was 45 percentile, whereas for all other categories it was 40 percentile.

    So basically, the number of general candidates qualifying in the exam is much lower than other reserved categories. If such is the scenario of India, how could India produce good quality doctors? In India, there is only 1 doctor for 1000 people and we lack good quality doctors. Don't you think reservation is the reason for this?

    Please share what do you think about the reservations in such important exams.
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    Sorry Parth K. sir but I could not understand it. Could you please explain the meaning of what you have written?

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    Reservation started with an intention to help a certain class of people who were socially and economically much backward than the rest of the population. Unfortunately, the reservation has become a vote bank for the political parties. Time to time we hear some people starting an agitation to press the demands of a particular class and they want reservation on certain grounds. Interestingly, a few of the political parties come to their support and promise some benefits to that particular class during elections. At times, the benefit comes in the form of reservation too and that is most worrisome. Reservation may be there for needy people but should not be based on caste or religions. When qualifying marks are reduced for reserved candidates it indicates that merit is not important for reserved categories. This system is not doing justice to the professionals and has a direct impact on the reduction of performance in the practical field.


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    The main objective of reservation was to bring the socially downtrodden people at par with the others. To some extent the Govt was successful in this but now it has been stretched too far bringing in other ambiguities. This is high time that this should be abolished.
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    That is the unfortunate issue in the present day India. The very purpose of reservations is to bring the people who are not well to do in certain castes. A good initiative started. But the limit kept in the constitution is getting increased from time to time and this has become a tool for the politicians to get the votes. The percentages were increased and many castes were brought in. But a really deserving case never get benefitted. They will be struggling only. But the well to do people in those castes are only getting benefitted. I have seen SC/ST people in the villages who suffer a lot and they don't even know that they have some special privileges.
    So there is no point in extending these reservations. Only merit should be taken into account. Or one family reservations for one generation only rule should be brought in. The government should support the merit students who are not able to pursue their studies due to financial problems by giving them scholarships.

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    The objective of reservation is towards social justice and increased opportunities in respect of underprivileged. The reservation when introduced was intended only for a period of 10 years. However the politicians are ensuring the continuation of the reservation year after year. Providing reservation in all the disciplines, sectors is not appropriate. Doctors are dealing with human beings. Therefore we need to look at only the merit of the person.
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