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    People taking selfie with accident victims to be booked in Noida.

    The move was taken by the officials after noticing the increasing trend where people video shoot of the accident victims rather taking them to the hospital. It's very sad because it not only looks unethical but also causes traffic jam which obstructs the road and makes it difficult for an ambulance to reach the spot.

    People just do it to make it viral of Facebook or other social media to get "likes" or "shares" which is upsetting because for them their pleasure is more important than the life of a person.

    I appreciate the move and hope this will control it.

    Recently I saw a post where a bear had attacked a man and brutally killing him. I was shocked to see how was it shared why didn't a person saved that man?.

    I am happy to know that a rule is being made against such people.
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    Instead of helping the accident victims people start taking selfie with them. It is in bad taste. What they will do with that photo, just send to some people in their WA group. It is an absurd act of a foolish mind.
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    Excellent. We should welcome the move. When somebody is in trouble as a human being it is our minimum courtesy time help them and see that they will be out of problem. Recently somewhere I read that a person jumped into the river to save the people and could save all the five people but unfortunately he lost his life. There are people of this type also. But majority of the people go on taking videos to post them in social media. When a house is on fire we should try to put water and extinguish the fire but we should use that fire to heat water in a vessel required for us.
    This should be done all over the country and we should see that this type of incidents will get reduced. If the government is making any rule by prohibiting video taking while somebody is in problem it will be a big help to the people.

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    This was long due, not only for Noida but for the whole country. It is bad luck to be caught in a horrible accident but it is even worse to for a person to be stranded suffering while people around them take pictures instead of helping them.

    Even if one can't help, then at least they should make way for others to carry their rescue work and not hamper it. Once these disturbing videos are uploaded, they are forwarded without any warning and people can be taken by surprise and shock when they see the graphic images.

    If some people do not want to help the accident victim, Instead of a selfie, one can record short clips and pass it on to the police to help them in the case at a later date (many hit and run cases can be cracked based on CCTV footage or recordings by witnesses).

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    I have also read news about people making videos of accidents victims and sharing the same through social medias. This is really horrible and inhuman. We cannot imagine how people can take selfie in such a situation. Normal human beings rush to help the accidents victims. Instead of helping the accidents victims, some perverted people enjoy recording the scenes. Government should make stringent rule and take action against such persons. So that such incidences do not repeat.
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    It's pitiful that we are evidencing a day where Govt. has to impose fine to not behave like a weirdo or insensible.
    Why for everything, we wait for Govt. to intervene in areas where in fact no intervention of Govt. needed!! When will our society adopt self descipline and sense of humanity and simple understanding that one shall not take selfies with accident victims.
    Although, a good and necessary step by Govt., I am unhappy of the behavioral bankruptcy of our society.

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    I do not know what kind of pleasure these people derive by taking a selfie with a victim. When a person is in such a horrible situation others around should come forward and help. Instead, when we see such people talking selfie or a video of the victims we are distressed. Whether it is only because of posting those images in social media platforms to get a number of likes or a type of heroism to a section of people or just craziness of using the technology, since it is available at hand, is not known. Whatever may be the reason, it shows the person/persons involved in such acts are not sensitive enough and paying little regards to their fellow beings. Along with Noida people all over the country must be booked for doing such acts. The law enforcing authorities should make them realize their insensitive approach towards life.

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    Rules are always welcome & we need to understand that a life is more precious than taking a selfie, just to get likes or making it viral.
    People need to help the victim first. If we see many are helping then doing or recording it & posting can sometime help the victim in getting the need aid, help & at times, also locate his/her relations.
    May times we have seen that the person who help the victim are held responsible but such videos can help in such situations.
    Government need to make more study & bring in such law & rules that will help the victim & the people who help such people in accidents, etc.

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