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    The application of Artificial Intelligence: Do we have a say?

    Just last week, there was a driver less train accident at Yokohama that injured 14 people. This morning I was reading an informative article about AI by Kaur and Sarna in Indian express.

    We all are fascinated by artificial intelligence,we have seen it implemented. Just search for a particular item or topic, then you find tailor made recommendations for you popping up in Google. Yes, AI is currently being used in marketing, e-commerce, business management etc. We have had drive less cars and trains, we have also heard about crashes related to these AI based projects.

    While behind the scene use of AI in marketing and e-commerce has led to large data capture and formulation of algorithms for better efficiency/earnings. This not only has given excellent results but also can be misused. Cyber threats and thefts by the unethical use of AI is very much a reality. A typical example is Facebook that has an algorithmic profiling and it has it's share of problems with AI.

    Imagine all these in the Indian Context, lax rules and regulations and a flexible system of authority/governance that can potentially be made to look the other way.

    Are we potentially exposed to more trouble than good from AI? Do we, the Indian public have a say?

    Request any member who is knowledgeable in AI to also give more insights.
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    On the face of it AI looks attractive and powerful. There are other considerations also as if in which environment we are using it. In a stage of poor governance and doubtful integrity the AI may also fail to deliver.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Artificial intelligence is useful in many places. But there are definitely there are some problems associated with this. The designed programmes for all this AI should be tested very severely in almost all practical conditions. While designing a particular system we keep some assumed parameters. These may not be representing all the exact conditions which may happen during operation. So the fail proof system is very important. I don't how much accurate these systems are?
    In manufacturing places also the implementation of these AI systems are creating some problems due to the maintenance problems of the system.

    always confident

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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an emerging area and with the advancements of the technology in all the areas including computer software it is going to stay in the modern world for a long time. Every technology is having some inherent dangers and AI is not going to be an exception. There will be problems associated with it and whether the coming generations will be able to use it in a proper and positive way, only the time will tell.

    AI has much hidden potential than what we perceive today. It is going to change our way of life dramatically. It will bring a paradigm shift in our life in many things which can not be imagined at the present juncture. In any case AI is going to be everywhere in the activities of our lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    AI is relatively a new area and in the emerging time, we would see a lot of transformations in this particular field. However, it does not forecast any untoward incident while taking some experimentation, the results are purely imaginary signifying its occurances as anticipated. To arrive at the exact time when the events would occur, we need precision and any failure to calculate the same theoretically or otherwise would invite an erroneous result.
    In other words, experimentation with AI is not a fool proof planning and giving a minor chance of error. But then we should not be discouraged with our failures but the same should be treated as a challenge for exploring the behaviour of the model in different conditions.
    The Overhaul benifits of AI cannot be felt at this nascent stage but it will provide us definitely huge benifits in terms of cost and efficiency of the operation.

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    I agree to the fact that there has been growing uses of the Artificial Intelligence and whichever ways ad areas that we are missing of those will also get settled with it during the near future as there are continues research and development being taking place on different platform but one thing is to be noted here that all these ad other facilities are being created and managed so as to serve us and therefore this is good so far these remain within our control or else this is going to be bigger concern for the whole humanity.

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