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    What are the points Youtube consider as a copyright?

    What are the points Youtube consider as a copyright? I do not know all points some times video does not have matching content but still they get copyright strike and no clear reason mention for copyright.
    Can anyone post all points of criteria of copyright vlogging .Please share your views on this topic so everybody will get clarity.
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    If the internal algorithm in the Youtube finds that the uploaded content is copied from somewhere then it will give a system generated claim to the uploader. At the same time if there is a copyright claim by the real owner of that work then Youtube can warn the channel owner of its consequences and any repeat offence will compel Youtube to close or delete that channel.
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    The YouTube has listed few of the components which are subject to the copyright infringement laws and consisting of the audiovisual works including the written works like that of books, tutorials or the musical compositions subject to the creativity and tangibility of the contents on a desired medium.

    It would be interesting for us to take a note of that You Tube has been facilitated with the internal mechanisms / software which have ruled out the possibilities of assisting with the Google AdSense for any of the works which has already been shared with a common platform and anything in context to that when uploaded would easily be identifiable than with a message that the share of the revenue would be transferred to the principal only.

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