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    Now they have every reason to feel afraid of but then would they fled my nation?

    I still remember the remarks of two of the most well-known personalities of Bollywood. The one is Naseeruddin Shah and another one is Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan most famously known to us as Amir Khan.

    Just before the 2019 election, they were seen spreading speculations that when the same government would continue even after 2019 than there would be fear-mongering among the minorities. The Naseeruddin Shah spoke before a reporter in an interview in Dec'18 and had raised concerns about the safety of his children and on the other way, the Amir Khan had referenced the concerns that his wife communicated of growing intolerance in the country with the intentions of leaving this country when the NDA gets reelected.

    Now as the NDA government has taken oath under the leadership of PM Modi, will they leave my country? In case if they don't which is absolutely the case is, they would be proving themselves with the most undesired and irresponsible actors including others who haven't been mentioned in here.
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    Some people have attitudinal problems and create unnecessary phobia. In every country there are minority groups as well as majority group. The minority group accepts the rule of law of the Country without any problems. But in India the politicians try to appease the minority groups by making exceptions and relaxations.
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    They will never do that. They will continue here only and the will enjoy the benefits and make big money by acting in the movies. It is very unfortunate. When I hear about the problems encountered by minorities in some countries, I feel that those government representatives should be made to visit our country and see how the minorities are enjoying the benefits in this country. As long as vote bank politics are there in the country this system of appeasing minorities will continue and majority religion people will have to suffer. There is no alternative in the country. Thanks to the makers of the Nation.
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    One thing is very sure that no one will be leaving India because the facilities and freedom which are here are available nowhere in the world. You can speak whatever you want in whichever situation and do not feel ashamed for it. People are taking liberty of freedom of speech here.
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    Sometime back last year there was the growing voice of 'increasing levels of intolerance' in India. Naseeruddin Shah mentioned that he was worried about his children, I don't think he will leave the country. Amir Khan did mention that his wife was feeling unsafe but then he clarified that he would never leave India.

    I think the issue is, everyone has a right to speak out and have an opinion but public figures should think twice and be very clear in what to want to say after realizing the full implications of the statement. Media professional and social media should also be mature enough not to twist statements and have their own theories that ultimately bring discord between two religions.

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    It is really disheartening that Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Amir Khan, Swara Bhaskar and some other great people are still not leaving India although Modi has taken oath as the Prime Minister for the second time. Most probably, these greats are not getting adequate employment opportunities in their favourite country (countries).

    Further, since Modi took oath for the first time, we have been hearing that people of a particular community has been living in India in terrible fear. So, these people are doing something different out of fear. In the last one week, some people of this community killed a Hindu lassi seller in Mathura, another one such mob stoned buses in Delhi because another car thief of the same community drove a stolen car and another great community member mutilated and killed a 3-year-old Hindu girl in Aligarh, but the community is living under terrible threat in Modi's rule.

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    Please think that they have said it indirectly that they would leave the country for a few days or weeks or months or year to celebrate the victory of elected NDA government. After all, they are cine actors. They can change the scenes as per their convenience.
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    Since long we have been evident of these types of hypocrites who always came with a selective mind and then lost to the news. Then again they pop-up for something and then again gone disappeared and this continued in a very repetitive modes.

    They may have the name and fame but on the ground reality they are the disgraceful entities to our society who still are unable to give the due respect for their motherland.

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    By the way, Partha K./#667138 has come-up with a valid scenario wherein the Indian market don't find enough attraction with any of the above celebrities have again seems to have been disappeared.

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    I think, we shall understand that these people are part of one hypocrite lobby who is so arrogant that they think that they're the only smart and rational people and all others are fool. They describe their selves with fancy titles like "liberals" or "seculars" or "rational thinker" etc etc. but in reality, they belong to only one community namely hypocrites.
    These people are hypocrite because they are of the belief that everything shall be done and specifically new Govt. shall work in accordance with their suggestions and if you do not approve of their beliefs and suggestions, then you will be tagged as dumb, foolish, bigot, BJP supporter, hyper nationalist, Modi Bhakt etc etc.
    In reality, these people are attention hungry. As far as people like Aamir Khan and Nasauruddin Shah are concerned, they're actors and these people can do anything to promote their films. (Note that both of them made these controversial comments during their promotion) This hypocrites are so cheap and ugly minded that they don't even hesitate to use their religion for such cheap tactics. They are so dumb that they were actually trying to target our Prime Minister with their cheap tactics but instead got ended up with defaming India and our society.
    In my opinion, it is also our journalists who have to become mature enough to not sensationalize statements of these kind of attention seekers. Because media has continued to sensationalize everything which is not appropriate, these kind of attention seekers gets publicity and they repeats again and again and that also encourages other attention hungry people as well.
    Our media is not mature enough to understand that by sensationalizing these kind of things, they're not helping people or society but instead creating a hype which is the ultimate aim of those people who are making these kind of statements. By ignoring these kind of tactics, media can fail their malign propaganda and it will discourage such kind of fashion.

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