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    Have we evident of any positive changes on account of anything?

    If the members can take a note on the different issues and concerns that we discussed a year back including the environmental safety along with the depleting ozone layer, the safety precautions while we are on a driving sheet, the increasing pollution, the reducing in the natural vegetation leading to climate changes and increasing shortages of water resources and about the malnutrition and many more.

    Do we find any changes on the status of the above either on a positive or on a negative note?

    Do we feel that on a ground reality there is no improvement but instead we all are moving towards a slow death? What we used to have during a year back we can have a same discussion in the meantime too but with a little more intense concern but then what's the difference now?
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    I read somewhere that the ozone layer cavities are reducing. It is an indication that there is an improvement on the whole in the world. Somewhere there may be some good improvement and somewhere there is an increase in the problem. Awareness among the people regarding pollution control is increased. Many people are taking up plantation and importantly even in cities some places roof plantations are taking place. So the effect of these steps may be visible in coming years if not immediately, I hope.
    But still a long way we have to go. Deforestation is to be controlled and plantation drive is to be further improved. Alternative fuels usage and CNG usage is to be further improved. The population migration towards cities is to be controlled. Ethical values and environmental friendly systems should be implemented by all the corporates so that the atmosphere will be clean.

    always confident

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