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    Don't find fault, find a remedy.

    Most of the people are in the habit of finding faults with others. It is very common and we observe it in society now and then. Finding fault with others is the easiest thing and it frees us from all the worries and responsibilities. We observe the failures of others, we observe difficult situations and we observe our setbacks and everything we attribute to mistakes done by other people. This may look all right but it does not help in any way except to blame others. It does not solve the problem.

    When something goes bad we have to analyse the reasons for its failure and take corrective measures in the successive attempts. We have to search for a solution to the problem. We have to find a remedy for the setback. Finding faults will not help to mitigate the situation.

    What is your opinion in this matter? Which is desirable - finding fault or taking remedial measures?
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    My appreciations to the author. Finding fault with somebody and blaming them is not going to help in solving the problem. So once we find the problem take the issue than taking who done it. See the issue and go to the rock bottom of the issue to know where the mistake happened and rectify that so that the fault can be corrected.
    Finding fault with others is the easiest job and it will change the responsibility from us to some others. The correction of fault is more important than fixing somebody for the fault as responsible is not the solution for the problem.

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    It is true that finding fault is a very common practice in the society and we are very quick to do so in every situation. It is equally true that this behaviour does not help in solving the real problem behind the issue. So what is required is to do efforts in the direction of solving the problem and finding a solution rather then simply putting the responsibility on someone and fixing the fault on someone.
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    Finding fault is very easy, even a three-year-old finds fault with the food the toddler gets, so there is not great intellectual capability needed in finding fault (except in highly specialized sectors).

    What we need is the right attitude that finds the fault but also thinks about the solution or the ways to overcome the issue. Most people assume that since they are consumers or low in the hierarchy, it is the job of someone else to fix the faults.

    Last year during the torrential rains we had the manhole opened and water gushing out, while most of us would have cribbed and said that the municipal authorities are not doing their job, the local youths started pulling branches of the fallen trees and fixed it around these open manhole so that other road users would sense something is wrong and go around it.

    At workplaces, when people come with problems, they get noticed but if people come with problems and the possible solutions they are more likely to get noticed and acknowledge in a positive way.

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    It is easy to find fault in others but to correct it, is very difficult. It is difficult because people become happy in shaming others, complaining against another person gives pleasure, and it is easy to judge.

    The world will change for the better if we extend our hand to correct the follies than make fun of it. We are all human beings, and everyone is prone to make mistakes. If someone corrects us, then nothing is better than that. Thus, everyone should extend a hand to improve a situation to make all happy.


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    A very interesting post by the author. We are always good at finding fault of others maybe because we are observers. At times, when others find some fault in our activities we do not like to accept it and try to argue. While doing any job, there may be some mistakes. Pointing out the mistake is good but finding the remedy is even better. This has something to do with our upbringings. Many parents reprimand their children for any mistakes and forget to explain properly the remedial actions required. The habit of finding fault every now and then may develop during childhood and grow further if not properly controlled. Only finding the fault will never solve the issue. We must look for remedies by analysing the reasons behind the mistake and then only we will be able to progress. Only finding fault and not thinking for remedies will make us stagnant.

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    It's all true for sure, but sometimes remedies are not existent and problem still persists with the people here really. I do not see any solution in many many cases for example please regarding all that. It's not black and white world lot of times.

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