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    Is it easy to remain positive or suggest others to be positive?

    To be positive is a word of wisdom. How many of us try to see positive in every action? It is always easy to say to remain positive but very tough to practise because of the conflict of mind.

    Let me share with you a motivating story which I read recently. A man carried water in two buckets which he tied on two sides of a stick. He used to hold the stick across his shoulders. When he reaches the destination, the water remains full in one bucket while the other one has less water because it has a tiny hole.

    The man is not upset, but the bucket with the hole is sad as it fails the man from carrying a bucket full of water. So, the bucket suggests the man of discarding it, but the man replied that next day, it must look at the roadside while he carries water pots. The beautiful flowers are blooming on one side of the road. It's because the man had planted seeds on that roadside and carried the bucket with a hole accordingly. Due to it, the seeds received water and flowers bloomed. Thus, cracks can be there in our lives, but there is a need to channelise positively.

    How do you streamline others and yourself for a positive outcome?
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    It's easy to say others to stay positive but it's comparatively tough to stay positive. In life, I always try to be positive every time I am disheartened but I could not because for that you need to be very patient and have to ignore many bad things you see around yourself which actually doesn't happen.

    It's imperative that one always see the positive things even in the negative for that. I appreciate this man of which you gave an example because he also saw the positive thing in the bucket and did not throw it away.


    " We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

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    When we are unsuccessful or puzzled, we still live because of hope. We think there is hope for betterment and try to move forward. Positivity gives us the ray of hope. We suggest others to be positive but practising to be positive is also not that difficult. We need to train our mind in that direction. If we keep on saying to ourselves that something is not going to happen, for reasons unknown to us, that thought will remain inside our mind disturbing our thought process. There are many people who think of the negative aspect of any issues first. Maybe the happenings around us have conditioned us to think it in that way. It is always easy to suggest rather than practising because we have to do things ourselves while practising anything. The subconscious mind is always busy but if the mind is always chattering then it affects the thought process and negativity crops inside. We need the practice to stop this unwanted chattering of the mind and can stay positive in difficult situations.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is not so easy to remain positive all the time but undoubtedly it is one of the most sought after thing in our life. Being positive is a rest quality and generally such people will be happy and composed in their actions. I strongly believe that positivity is the foundation stone of all cheerfulness and successes in our life. We have to somehow find ways and means to achieve it so that we can practice this attribute in every action in our life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    A human being is not a mood churning machine that it can be changed into positive and when needed it can be turned into melancholic! A lot of things undergoes a human being with lots of responsibilities which sometimes overpower a person, therefore, remains sad.

    To such a person who always undergoes difficulties, and we suggest him to be positive is like telling a handicapped person to climb the tree. However, we can help people come out of their difficulties instead suggesting them being positive which under certain situation is extremely difficult to be.

    Everyone would like to be happy and do fun but life is full of responsibilities and at the same time difficulties. Instead of suggesting people stay positive, we can help them come out of their difficulties; so they can stay positive. This could be the best a person can do to a troubled hit and unhappy person.

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    An excellent story by the author. The water from the bucket with a hole gave life to many plants and thus saving the nature and compensated to some extent for the loss due to deforestation. At the same time, the hole big small water will drip slowly and it is like drip irrigation and more plants will get water than all the water going into an only one place. I liked the story and the moral from it. Indirectly it is telling us that whatever you are spending for nature protection can't be taken as a waste.
    Anything is easy to tell but difficult to practice. Many of these days politicians will say do what I say but never do what I do. Like this saying others to be positive is always easy but at the same time, we can't be positive always. Probably this may be due to the doubts we have on our capabilities.

    always confident

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    A wonderful story, to me the moral is to see the larger picture. For the bucket, it was the worrying thoughts of leaking water that occupied it's entire mind. But for the water-man, although he did not get a full bucket across, the leaking water has helped to support new life.

    In real life, it is easy to say a few words of encouragement or positivity but it is challenging to be positive ourselves, when we are faced with major setbacks or adverse events.

    I follow something that I read a few years back. Most humans have their own list of troubles and difficulties. The real truth is we cannot escape it but worrying about it makes our thinking clouded and drains our self- confidence. So, instead, make a list of the 5 major problems that bugs you. Then you can set aside the last two because it would not materialise( law of averages), the other two may or may not happen, even if it happens, then it would not be in the scale that we worry about, so make a rough plan. The first one is the one that can hit us hard, so have a plan A and plan B. Most important is to work sincerely and put in the efforts to circumvent the first trouble and keep in mind the next two.

    Lastly, if you feel overwhelmed with the burden of difficulties, just think is there one problem that we cannot sleep on (until the next day). Often the answer would be 'No', so sleep on it, the next day you are charged enough to tackle it.

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    A very good motivational story by the author bringing the attribute of positiveness to the forefronts of our lives. Positivity is a great trait and people having positive attitude are the real winners in their life. They see the life and its activities from a prospective angle which brings a reason to work for it in the desired fashion bringing the satisfaction and fulfilment in life. Being positive is the best way to fight with depression, sadness and pessimism in the life which many times engulfs the human beings due to circumstantial reasons. Positive attitude is the most rewarding thing in our life and is the source of happiness and joy for ever.
    Knowledge is power.

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