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    Sound is the vocabulary of nature.

    I like the quote in the title of this post from Pierre Schaeffer. Nature is full of amazing things and we can perceive most of them by the mere sound of it. The chirping of birds in the morning, the sound of the wind, the thundering of clouds, the animal sounds in a thick of a forest, the sound from a waterfall, the soothing sound of the river flowing on a slope and many more like that - all of them have their distinguishing character, rhythm and tone. Nature has given us a great sense of hearing and we enjoy these wonderful sounds and their sequences in our life time and again. Nature is like a dictionary containing the vocabulary of these sounds.

    Have you ever impressed or amused by these sounds in the nature? Are you a nature lover? Please share your thoughts on this.
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    Not only the sound but also the smell, taste, colors and feels are the vocabulary of nature. While the sound is for our ears, the smell is for our nose, the taste is for our mouth and colors are for our eyes and the feel is for our body. Every sense of the five senses has its vocabulary.
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    Absolutely love the sounds of nature - from the gurgling of the streams to the thundering of the waterfalls and the roar of the sea. The whistling of the wind, the rustling of leaves and the howling of a storm. The clap of lightning, the patter of rain. The twittering of the birds, the hissing of snakes and the growl of a lion, the chatter of monkies, the humming of the bees and the buzzing of mosquitoes. The list goes on . . .

    I am a nature lover and enjoy short breaks in the midst of nature.

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    This post has made me feel if I were in the wild in beautiful landscapes where myriad sounds of nature and eye soothing greenery dotted with flowers are dancing in front of me. Many great writers have taken their lead for writing from the nature and the mother Earth was the main inspirational Guru for them. They learned from nature and they wrote on it depicting the finest literature ever possible on this planet. The sound of nature is irresistible. It is a joy for ever.

    Incidentally, I want to narrate a small feeling that I had while reading a story by Jack London in which a person was coming back to his house in the evening in snow clad fields and was feeling cold and was not sure whether he will be able to make it back home and needed some rock shelter to ignite fire with his emergency kit and warm himself before proceeding further. The description was so lucid that the reader will feel himself present in that cold environment. Writing has a power to present nature in its exact form.

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    To Build a Fire is a classic work authored by Jack London. I loved the story too; it was just as you described it - Is that the novel mentioned in your response?

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    Nature is God's gift. In this nature, each is having its distinction and God has given us different senses to enjoy nature. The sounds of various birds are like music from a good musician and we will feel like hearing these sounds again and again. No sooner we get up when we come out of the house for a walk we will get pleasure by hearing the musical sounds from various birds. But, unfortunately due to the abuse of nature by the citizens many of these birds getting extinct. We all should make it a rule that we should not spoil the nature and we should allow all creations of God to remain happily on this earth. Otherwise, our next generations will be deprived of having all these melodious voices and beautiful nature. Conserve nature, protect the habitats so that nature will never lose its speciality and give happiness to all the human beings on this beautiful planet The Earth.
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    Nature's sound is fabulous. The sound of wave thrills me. Even the sound of strong wind during the windstorm gives a feeling of fear. The quotation is perfect.

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    Yes, by Jack London only but I read it first in the condensed version in Reader's Digest and later I got the novel also. There are some writers who depict the things almost as if in their real forms. These creations remain in our mind for a long time. They are the splendid works of great authors.

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    It's absolutely correct. Just close your eyes and stay for sometime in the midst of nature. You will definitely feel a lot. You can sense whether it's morning or night, you can sense whether it's raining or there is a thunderstorm. The feeling is amazing and can only be felt. You will never realize how time will pass by observing and listening to the sounds of nature. Yes, I am a nature lover and like the various sounds and colors of nature. I like to listen to the sounds of waves by sitting near the seashore. It has a calming effect on all the senses. I like the chirping of the birds in the morning indicating a new day. All the sounds are nicely woven and if we try to feel them by closing our eyes we will hear the music of nature.

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    Everything on earth has their importance. Specially, sound of nature is of soothing effect. This is the reason why many fly down to their native place for vacation or goes for tracking, Farm-house, etc. We learn many things too from them. All have their own place. The chirping of birds, smell of mud after the first rain, the sound of flowing river, the hush sound of wind at the mountain, the sound of waves near the shore, the cow, goat, duck, chicken, dog, crow, etc, all give us a pleasant feeling. Many say that, many get cure from these sound.
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