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    Have you tasted the cutting tea? Why not cutting water also.

    Cutting tea (about half cup of tea) is very popular in various parts of country being called with different names but the main thing is it contains only 80-90 ml of readymade common Indian milk tea. Whatever be the reasons for popularity of this small amount of tea being served in the nooks and corners of the country, it is there to stay. The price ranges from 6-10 rupees depending upon the masala (spices like ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper etc) used in it and the standard of the shop. We often take it in the tea stalls near my house.

    Today we are struggling to conserve water whether it is general purpose water or drinkable water. It has become a precious commodity for us. It is very common in the restaurants and functions to serve water in big glasses and whether a person takes a sip or more a large amount of water is wasted. Why not to use small quantity of water in small glasses or pouches and let us just term it as cutting water (a hilarious way may be!) and if becomes popular and adopted in all the places, I hope we will have a lot of water conservation cumulatively. So, next time you go to attend a function ask for cutting water!

    There are many other ways and tips to conserve water but while discussing among friends this prospect was raised and I thought to share it here. What do you think about it?
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    Water and air are the only free commodities provided to us by God nature. Let us not cut it. The water we waste is consumed by mother earth. The real wastage of water takes place while we bath and in our toilets. Let us use the showers for our bath and conserve water. And let us use toilet papers if we feel it convenient.

    Never go for a cut in drinking water.

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    With the crisis of water almost in all the parts of country, we need to be careful with its usage. However, a healthy consumption of water to the tune of 2 litres should not be curtailed but on other fronts such as bathing and toiletries we may conserve the water with its judicious use. The crisis would take a serious turn in the coming time due to the population - surge.
    We need to think all the possibilities how this precious material can be conserved with its better usage.
    There are some areas especially while shaving we keep the tap opened so long, as shaving is not over causing a huge wastage of water. While cleaning the plates and dishes, instead of cleaning the plates separately, we need to club the same while rinsing.

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    The water crisis is increasing and will become much more severe as time passes. So, everyone should have a concern about this and think various means and ways to conserve the water. These days in many restaurants water is kept in a jug and empty glasses are also kept on the table. The customers may use that water or may order of mineral water bottle and then use the glasses or may not use the glasses. But in some hotels, the practice of serving water with glasses is there. These hotels can use small size glasses and they can keep the water jug on the table so that people who want can fill the glass or otherwise forget about the same. Like this, we have to think about various places where we use water and reduce water usage. Many houses the taps will be leaking drop by drop. Such taps should be immediately repaired otherwise we will lose a lot of water and a lot of water will get wasted. Similarly thinking of using the wastewater coming from RO plants in the houses for washing is also a good method of saving water.
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    There is a report in Times of India Chennai edition, today, that Madras High Court proclaims illegal tapping of ground water will be considered as theft and a criminal mischief.
    I respect the judiciary. But, what is the solution? Are these learned judges don't need water?

    There are massive infrastructure developments everywhere, many apartments and commercial infra projects were built and many are under construction. Population is exploding. Water sources are depleting. We can conserve water. But the demand is huge. The Government is failing to supply adequate water with existing sources. There are objections for desalination plants also. Illegal water tanker business is thriving. These illegal mining of water is more profitable than any other business now. Government officials are keeping their eyes closed as long as the loot money is shared by this water mafia.

    What is the solution? Whether privatization of water department will work? What is Jal Shakti programme by PM Modi?

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    The only solution to solve our water problem is to merge all the rivers flowing from north to south and west to east. Let there be channels flowing with water 24x7 in every nook and corner of India. This will provide drinking water as well as water for irrigation and other needs. The priority of our new government should be to merge the rivers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

    I must say sincerely that, there is no water shortage in India, but we do not know how to manage the available water.

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    Mr.Umesh glad to hear the concept of cutting chai to cutting water. In Bangalore, a teenager came up with this idea of conserving water in hotels and restaurants and she went on to win an international award for her efforts.

    Each year around 14 million liters of water are wasted in the hotels. In 2015, Garvita Gulhati came up with the idea to convince the hotels to serve half glass water. She co-founded 'Why Waste", after three years the project grew and she became the only Indian to get the title of 'Global Changemaker' at Zurich, Switzerland. Yes, we can do our little bit to conserve water in our own ways.

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    Thanks Mr Natarajan for this information about Garvita Gulhati, who gave the idea of using half glass water in the hotels and got an award from international agency in 2015. The implementation of great ideas in large scale is always a challenge.
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    Since last few days I have received a few different of video clips in some Mumbai based whatsapp groups highlighting and propagating the relevance of 'cutting paani' (half glass/less water). That means the water conservation matter has got the prime attention of Mumbaiites. Good. I had experienced that generally Mumbaiites were using water with prudence and never wasted it as they knew the importance of water conservation and have experience of water shortage. They really 'manage' water.
    I don't know whether the lifestyle has changed now and needs such propaganda and promotion.

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    I have not tasted cutting tea but cutting water seems to be a good idea if it stops wastage. In one way it can also raise the awareness of people on water conservation. If they notice the size of the glass reduced to half, they will automatically question the staffer of the hotel on the issue and on knowing the actual reason a few of them will think for a while. This may pave the way for some unique conservation methods. Scarcity of water is a major issue and the other important one, is its wastage. We are habituated to waste many things because we do not realize the value of them. Whether it's water or food every kind of wastage has its consequences which are felt afterwards. Earlier I posted the thread Why we waste natural resources and discard things indiscriminately regarding our habit of wasting natural resources and if it continues for long everybody can imagine what is going to be the situation. Water is very essential for any living beings and that's why its scarcity is felt so seriously. Many awareness campaigns are going on everywhere on the conservation of water, let this new method of cutting water also be introduced in restaurants to create more awareness.

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    Nice idea to save water when there is a water crisis all over the country. Actually, we don't know the importance of the thing until we get it easily. There should be some restrictions to stop wastage of water. Recently I was studying in the news that in Japan they use waste water we have in the wash basin to flush toilets. They collect water in the tank beneath basins which are connected to the flush tank of the toilet. What an innovative idea to save water. We can save water with these small things.

    We should always recycle water. We can collect waste drinking water and can use it for plants or animals or it can be used for cleaning the floor. We should not open the tap to the maximum as the water gets wasted due to it. Also, we should not use showers if possible as more water is consumed, when we take a bath in the shower.

    There are several small things which if adopted can be helpful in saving gallons of water.


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    A very useful tip by author to conserve water and participate in tackling of water crisis. Today, not only India but whole world is facing this serious challenge and it's our universal responsibility to conserve water at any cost for us and for the future generations to come.
    We may not do big things like building bridges and dams etc. but we can at least start saving our day to day consumption by not wasting water and this idea of "cutting water".
    A very noble idea and effective as well if all the citizens implemented it at the same time.

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    It is a good idea to take the drinking water only in the quantity required, as it is a precious thing in today's environment. Wasting water is just like a crime. Let us not commit it. Conservation of water is the most important thing today and is a great challenge for all of us. In such a condition every tip to conserve water is welcome.
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    We all know many ways of saving water but how many do actually tried it than putting it on paper. All metropolitan cities faces water crisis or say have a timing for water ( Morning & Evening). They have to collect water in drums & buckets for usage but when water comes in the evening, they throw throw the collected water & fill the bucket with fresh water. This too is actually wastage of water but who cares. We all know the preciousness of water btu we too after drinking half bottle, waste the other half. It is time that we think of the consequences & act according.
    A good initiative from the author & we too need to do the same. As we know the first class room is our home, Let's start from our home. Start saving water in our daily activities - Washing, Shaving, Cleaning, Bathing, Flushing, Drinking, etc. Make our parents, relatives, children, friends & society understand the importance of water. Start rainwater storage, using bathing water for watering, etc.
    A small step now will save a ton in future.

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    Have you watched the awareness video launched by RadioCity? It promotes the same message, but it is called 'Cutting Paani'. It popped up on my Facebook feed, shared by a friend. It is also available on YouTube, it is nice to see someone taking the initiative in spreading awareness in not wasting water.

    Another novel idea that is doing the rounds was from a wedding in Lucknow (I think). Here the garbage bin, where guests discard their plates after eating, is seen being manned by an attendant. In the video, the attendant is seen stopping anyone who has food on their plate, from discarding it. The audio isn't quite clear, but it is apparent that he is requesting them not to waste food. People are seen standing around the dustbins and finishing what is on their plate before they are allowed to throw the empty plate it in the bin.

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