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    What you do the first thing when you wake-up in the morning?

    If I tell you of mine that this has become a bad habit to look out for the mobile nearby to me and then check if there is any updates either in the Facebook or is there any new communication has been received in the private email-id. But during the earlier times this used to be different when I actually thanked God while resting a bit in the bed itself before finally awaken completely and ready for the other tasks. These days I also get stuck to the updates of the Cricket about who lost and who won.

    Frankly, I never intended to have such routine with absolutely no interest in the Cricket since we lost to the Cricket series long back in the Pakistani soil with a huge time for me in the office to check with the regular correspondence but anyhow I am being evident of all those happening to me which I don't like because life in actual is not meant for these insignificant jobs and this acknowledgement provides us a good basis to find one.

    Do the members have a good suggestion here?
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    I check the Mobile phone to see the time.

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    Yes, I have a suggestion. Keep the phone off totally and place it inside a cupboard or in a bag in another room. Do not switch it on at all till you have finished your breakfast and are ready to start your workday. Let your wake up times and early morning hours be a relaxed one with a reading of the newspaper, general chit chat with family members or just some quiet time with idle thoughts. One should not be obsessed with gadgets and feel this absolute necessity to look at the phone first thing on waking up. You may find it difficult initially not to look at the phone, but gradually you will realize that life does not revolve around it!
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    Immediately after getting up from my bed, I look at my palms three times and thank God for my safe rising from the bed after the night long dead sleep. Then I wash my face and drink a mug of warm water. I sit and relax for about ten minutes, and take a cup of tea or coffee. Go through the newspaper...........................

    While I sleep, I keep my mobile phone away from me as it is said to be dangerous to sleep with a mobile phone.

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    As soon as I get up I pay my salutations to God. Then I go near my puja room and salute. Then I go for a face wash and then exercise for 30 mins. Then bath and Pooja. My Pooja will take about 60 minutes. Then I will get ready and go for newspaper and cellphone for 15 minutes. I will have my breakfast and start by 9 AM to work. This is my routine on all working days. Saturday and Sunday also same routine except going to the office. On Sunday before taking my breakfast I will go to the nearby temple. It will take about 30 minutes and then only I will go for breakfast.
    I think one should keep the cell phone away from the bed and only start looking into it only once you finished your morning routines. Starting the day with a cell phone may have to be changed. keeping mobile nearby to our bed is not good for many reasons. I think one should avoid it.

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    My morning begins early, at around 5:00-5:30 hours. I say a little prayer, the second I wake up. I don't linger in bed but head straight to the loo. After which I spend some time in the balcony – my husband joins, and we just soak in the beauty of the morning.

    Next, I set the milk to boil. Make the bed and dust the drawing room and bedroom. Get my coffee, go through the newspaper, chat with my hubby and proceed to get breakfast ready.

    I pick up my phone only after breakfast is done - I check my inbox for work-related emails, and after I am done with that I check my social media accounts. At night, my phone is on my bedside table, but all notifications are muted, except what I receive from my daughter.

    I go for a morning walk/jog instead of spending time in the balcony, in the cooler months. The rest of the routine remains the same.

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    I wake up 45-50 minute before the sunrise to offer prayers in the mosque and reading the holy Quran. Thanking Almighty for a new life after a dead sleep. After that, I have breakfast and also look for the updates from the phone.

    However, when I go to bed I have a bad habit of keeping my smartphone beside me!

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    After waking up a quick prayer to God, then freshen up, make a cup of coffee and head to the balcony. I enjoy the early morning sun and watch the various birds starting their day. When the weather is good, I do some bird photography from the balcony, On alternate days, I try to go to the gym. I look at the phone around half an hour after waking up only for important messages. Rest of mobile-related activities would be at breakfast time.
    As far as mobile goes, if we keep it limited to urgent communication, we can enjoy the morning hours in various ways so that our day becomes enjoyable.

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    My mom had suggested me to keep my phone away while sleeping. So I keep it away. When I wake up, I first pray to GOD, touch the earth and pray to it. Then finally when I really get up, I pick up my phone and switch on the net.

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    I generally get up around 6 AM and drink water and sit down and relax for some time and just think what are the things or jobs etc that I have to do today. This is my habit since a long time to remind myself for the things to be attended. During those 15 minutes I recollect things I am supposed to attend that day. Then I take my tea and by the time it is around 7 AM and then for an hour I work in ISC (like now) and then have some little snacks and milk and leave house for the nearby park where many of our age group friends assemble and walk or do exercise or chit chat and I will be there till 9:30 AM. Some of us also do voluntary work in the garden in the park.

    This is a routine going for quite some time and I feel great satisfaction of occupying myself. I strongly feel that if one can occupy oneself, the journey of life becomes easier.

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    I wake up at 5:00 am a week and at 8:00 am in another week because I have a job in shifts. First thing when I make up in the morning I do is to check my mobile for any message received in night.

    Next thing is I drink water and relax and get fresh. Stand in the balcony for a few minutes to see the beauty of nature in the morning as I like the chirping of the birds. Then get ready for office and reach the office at 6 am. And when I have a second shift I usually get lazy and after waking up at 8:30 am go back to sleep again after breakfast as I get tired of the job.

    I agree to check mobile in the morning just after you wake up is not a good habit but these days when we are so addicted to the gadget it's obvious that most of us do that .


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    Well, i looks at my phone for time when i wake up. Then i goes to wash room and uses mobile there to check out my social media accounts. It takes around 30 minutes. Then, i start reading newspapers and then routine work which completes by 9.
    I generally use mobile in morning for 30-45 minutes, in noon for same time if not free and for 2-3 hours at night. I am still trying to use it as less as possible in order to give attention to people around me and participate with their concerns.

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    Morning is a bit hectic for me as I generally get up around 6 but by the time I finish my bathroom rituals and brushing the teeth, it is usually half past six and then I take my lemon water as I do not prefer tea in the morning. Now it is time for a walk in the park or along side the road which is over by 7:30 and after returning I prepare breakfast and by the time we have breakfast it is almost 9 and then only I get some breathing space for mobile phone. Once you start using your smartphone then it is very difficult to leave it till something important is to be attended and same ting is true with me as sometimes I glue to it up to 1-2 hours at a stretch.
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    Morning is the time for meditation for me and I start doing Anulom - Vilom, sarwangson, Paschitomosan for nearly thirty minutes. By doing so nearly thirty minutes, I feel my nerves are relaxed. Then I take three glass of warm water added with lemon prior to attending bath - room. This has offered me substantial benifit in relieving my constipation apart from shedding some weight due to lemon containing citrous property. Whenever, I try to take Biscuits along with some tea in the morning, it causes some minor constipation.
    At around 10.00 am, after completing all the morning activities I would like to do some home work including writing something on the Forum - responses or making some responses on expert - answers. By, I am ready to proceed for my next assignment where in I offer coaching in Mathematics for the students of class eleven and twelve for 2 hrs on regular basis except on Sunday's. This provides me immense satisfaction by mouldings the temperament of the adloscent.
    At 5 .00 PM, I attend the park for the vigorous movement for an hour and such a vigorous walking has kept my cholesterol and triglyceride level under control.
    Evening hours are for meeting with the relatives or friends and I enjoy their association. Finally I say good - bye to our friends by 10.00 pm and then dinner follows. Finally I go to bed by 11.00 pm.

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