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    Do you know anything about this?

    Do you know anything about the scrapping of vehicles older than 15 years? In the year 2018, I heard of the transport ministry thinking of scrapping of old vehicles to control the pollution in our country. Now the same government has been reelected, and I am sure that they would implement it.

    I am afraid that my good old Padmini who is 45 years old will not be spared from getting scrapped.

    Do you have any information on this subject? Is it for both commercial and private vehicles, or only for commercial vehicles?
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    The lifetime registration for a vehicle will be given for 15 years. Then the registration is to be renewed as per the procedure laid down by the RTO. They will renew it for another 5 years. After that every 5 years, you have to get it reregistered. For this, you have to obtain a fitness certificate from a chartered Automobile Engineer for the vehicle. Then they will register it for the next 5 years. You have to continue this process for every 5 years. As long as you get the fitness certificate they will give you the registration. But in cities where pollution is very high, the vehicles can't be allowed on the roads after 15 years. How are you using the vehicle as of now without having a valid registration to the vehicle?
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    Mr. Rao,
    You are not telling anything new. What is explained by you is the procedure already being followed in our country. The Ministry of Transport has decided to scrap all the vehicles older than 15 years. So that we can have a pollution free India with new generation vehicles. A total of 28 million vehicles will go to the scrapyard if the policy is implemented.

    My vehicle (Fiat Premier Padmini)born in 1973 is 45 years old. She is fit, perfect and fully operational till 30 June 2019. She has successfully passed the pollution test too. I am worried whether she will be issued with a Fitness Certificate for another 5 years to complete her half-century.

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    The policy of mandatory scrapping is still not fully implemented and the final result will be known soon when Govt comes strong on it with some new directions. In some references it was mentioned that personal cars below 7500 Kg category will not be scraped in the first phase. In the first phase only heavier vehicles will be compulsorily scraped. However commercial vehicles after 20 years are mandatorily to be scrapped.

    On implementation side the agencies are going slow on this and for lighter car owners they may not force but ask for voluntary scraping. No policy or rule can be said firm till its implementation is strict. Only thing is if RTO does not renew the old car plying then it becomes difficult to drive it as it has regulatory risks. There is also a view that the agencies will not be strict on this policy in the villages and remote place but will be strict in the cities where pollution is high. So people are moving their old vehicles to villages.

    If someone has an old car of antique value then he can declare it as an antique item and keep it as it is without driving. He need not to scrap it. As an antique it may fetch a good money after some time. Of course it is as per ones desire as what to do with an old car.

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    I think, your 45 year old car will be spared for the time being!
    Central Government is campaigning for Digital India programme vigorously. But, Tamil Nadu Government is not that much keen on this technological step. Once the vehicle registration documentation process is completely digitized, the system will not accept the re-registration of your car. Your Car will be declared as scrap. I think, till that time you can manage.Generally, the Green Tribunal Department will not allow you to use the vehicle with life more than 15 years.

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