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    Can we still rely on doctors or need to be doctor ourselves?

    In earlier days when people had some health problems and they went to doctor they used to think that now they are in safe hands and they need not worry about their illness. Such was the trust in doctors that for many people illness reduced by itself when they visited the doctor's clinic and talked to them.

    During those days' doctors were good human beings too. They cared about their patients and always aimed to make their patients well by giving correct treatment. Things have changed drastically now. Being a doctor has changed into a money-making profession and it is common to find many doctors setting up their clinics just to mint money from the suffering people. Though there are still few doctors who believe in the humanity of their profession but for the majority, this feeling is not there.

    We all know this and also experience this many times. It is common nowadays for doctors to suggest a long list of unnecessary lab tests and medicines whenever we visit them for some health problem just to earn a commission. It is not uncommon to see hospitals asking patients to get admitted even for minor problems like viral fever. This way they can hold the patients in hospitals for 4-5 days and charge a fat sum of money and burn a hole in their pockets. The only thing they do is scaring the patients of the health consequences if they do not follow their advice and poor patients who do not have awareness are left to the mercy of these so-called educated doctors. They have no option but to follow them.

    As far as diagnosis and treatment of the problem are concerned it is a major problem nowadays. It is seen that many doctors are not able to diagnose the patients properly and keep on doing trial and error by giving the wrong medicines and prescribing unnecessary and expensive tests. Compared to this doctor in earlier days did a perfect diagnosis even though so many lab tests were not available those days.

    Given the situation no more we can trust our doctors. Time has come when we ourselves need to awaken a miniature doctor in ourselves. It helps if people themselves are a little bit aware of different health problems, their symptoms, lab tests, medicines needed, etc. This is not for doing self-diagnosis but just to make sure that they do not blindly believe the doctors and get fooled by them. I am not recommending here to be a self-doctor and treat own self but at least if some awareness is there in people about the medical field then at least they will not get misguided by the doctors that easily. They will be able to judge and come to know when to abandon first doctor and seek an opinion from another doctor. Google and the internet these days has made it easier for people to search the health information.

    So it would not be wrong to say that each one of us needs to have a doctor in ourselves to some extent.
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    It is true that in the past we used to have a good family physician. Whatever small problem we used to go to the doctor, he used to thoroughly checked with the symptoms of the body and used to identify the problem. Rarely they used to suggest to go for blood or urine or motion or X-ray test. They used to give low power medicines to cure diseases. For proper digestion, they used to give carminative mixture and rarely low power antibiotic injections. Intake of a normal diet is completely restricted during fever time. But nowadays, when we visit a doctor or even a physician he suggests the patient undergo various body tests and finally he may give medicines basing on these reports or he may ask us to go to a specialist for our ailment. Then this specialist will ask us to go for various body scan tests. The medical labs what we have in India have no standards. If we take tests in different labs we will get different results. So too many fake medical labs are there which makes the misery of the patients much more. So as the author said proper basic knowledge is very essential for the people otherwise they get easily fooled in this modern world. Like in advanced foreign countries, every citizen in India must have medical insurance which will have to be controlled by the government.

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    Due to extreme commercialisation in medical profession, we have got this feeling of being in unsafe hands while getting consultation with a doctor. Unfortunately we are today on their mercy only. Many of them are going for unnecessary tests and investigations to inflate the medical bill. The gullible and ignorant patient has no other option.

    This is forcing us to go for second or third opinion from other doctors before going in for the suggested treatment. Alternatively, if we have some doctor in our acquaintance, we have to take his advice in the matter.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As said by the author, most of the doctors at present are setting up their hospitals on a commercial basis still very few doctors are really showing their humanity or human touch to the patients. In our area where we a residing, a general physician and surgeon of MD qualification are treating the people at very low cost. From poor people, he takes Rs.10 as visiting fees and for any other surgery or even hospitalization he takes a very minimal fee for poor people. This hospital runs in the name of 'Praja Vaidyasala'. The hospital is with full of patients all the time. So much human value based people are also there in doctors but they are very less.

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    There was a time when doctor was considered next to God and was respected for his humanitarian approach. Unfortunately, the things have changed significantly since then and today the doctors have become totally business minded and have nothing to do with the suffering humanity.
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    I don't agree completely with the details in the main thread. This is because I have been through a mixed experience wherein any type of consultancies of either of good or bad were available in the past times as well as in the meantime too. These types of services were meant for earning more money and so is the case with us today and we still having few of the best doctors who assisted to their patients so as to take care of their financial circumstances as well. I do having an objection when we always try to look to a certain factors or entity on a selective perspective which is not good.

    In support of my above comments I would like to mention one of the incidences wherein one of my eyes got infected and was getting serious. When I visited the doctor for the first time he charged me of some amount for his consultancy fee but when the diagnosis got delayed the doctor began to feel that I may have some financial worries. He queried me of this and I replied hesitating that yes due to delayed treatment I have lost a good sum of money. The doctor then stopped charging me for the fees while I was still visiting him on a regular basis.

    The opinion is ok but generalizing the whole theory is not good according to me and therefore pl. avoid it.

    In addition, the understanding the criticality of disease wouldn't be ever be easy for a common man and therefore seeking expert advice would always be desired. In case of doubt, we may go asking for the best option available for us and this is possible through direct conversations in your locality.

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    Willingly or unwillingly, we have to depend on the doctors, unless we are qualified doctors ourselves. If we try to become our own doctors, it implies that we are simply inviting the Yamraja to take us to His kingdom.
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    Those days doctors are doing their own practice and there are no corporate hospitals. Those days doctors are trying to save the people genuinely without thinking about their income and the used to give more importance to saving the patient.
    This is the age of Corporate hospitals. The doctors working here will be given good salaries but they will be given tough targets. If they reach the target only they will get their salaries. So doctors are bound to extract as much as possible from the people who will come to them.
    A big corporate hospital in Hyderabad treated my relative's father. They know that the patient will not survive. But they kept him on ventilators saying that he will improve and once the bill was about Rs.3,00,000/- they discharged the patient telling that there are no hopes. Such incidents are many.
    So I feel it is better to manage with home remedies as far as possible and if necessary it is better to go for Ayurvedic or homeo medicine. These days there are some Corporate homeo hospitals also. It is better not to go there also.

    always confident

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    We have heard, read or may have experience that may doctors have a target which they need to complete for addition perk from Hospitals, Pharmacy companies or Laboratory. We see many doctors who prescribe only branded medicines wherein generic medicines of the same contend will be much cheaper.
    Now a days as Google or internet is easily available, it is much better to do a self analysis of a disease but not self medication(leave it to the specialist)& doing a 2-3 opinion before going for a major surgery. This will help you to get to the best hospital, doctor or to get correct medecine.

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    A very thoughtful thread although I feel it's a little biased. Can we still rely upon? yes, we should because like doctors we depend on so many other people in our day to day lives. Just because we are faced with corrupt politicians, incompetent security personnel, suboptimal police or greedy lawyers, we cannot don the role of each and every person that we feel is not up to mark.

    In the long run, what we need is to understand the crux of the problem and then work towards implementing measures to make the service better.

    We pay Rs 300 for a bag of popcorn that would cost just Rs 25 at Multiplexes. Why? because it's a business venture and we do not ask questions. We pay Rs 350 for a burger and a few french fries and glass from a wholesale soft drink. It would cost around Rs 50-60. Why? because it's a business venture and we do not ask any questions.

    Come monsoon, we hear of innocent people who die caught in flash floods, potholes, and drains. Why? because of shoddy or no work from the respective authorities who get paid and pocket the huge funds allocated. Why? they have made politics and public works a means of business to earn money, we grumble but carry on.

    Recently, students died in a fire at a coaching center. Why? the owner, builder, and authorities used education as a business at the cost of innocent lives. Why was this even allowed?

    There are many more examples that I can quote wherein people die because the very people who should have done their work have not done it properly. We accept all this but criticize doctors because we feel only the doctors play with lives of people. Isn't this a very skewed way of thinking? A few days back I raised this thread, What should be the public perception about healthcare?.

    Only when it comes to healthcare, we want everything at the best international standards but the cost should be at government hospital levels. How is this possible? Did we or the governments restrict growth or private hospitals? Did the governments and regulatory authorities fix prices for some many years in the past? No. I agree there are bad elements in healthcare but who should be blamed? So we are also responsible for the state of the Indian health industry.

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    We are best doctors for ourselves. We know our problems better than anyone else. . In olden days Doctors used to give treatment based on the symptoms of the problems explained by us. There were no laboratories and diagnostic centres. In olden days we very rarely used to see doctors unless it is very serious. Otherwise people depend on the hone remedies. But nowadays even for cough and cold people consult doctors and take high dosage of allopathic medicines. This is not good for health and has many side effects. As far as possible we should avoid taking allopathic medicine. Instead we should depend more on ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines.
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    Not all the doctors are like the author mentioned in the thread. I know a few doctors who are least concerned about money. I remember the child specialist to whom I used to have treatment of my kids is a very good person. He used to prescribe medicine when my wife used to ask him over the phone when my kids used to get ill and she was unable to visit him. He never used to get irritated on any patient who used to talk to him over the phone. No doctor does this and asks everyone to come to his clinic. It's sad that the profession of doctor has become a profession to mint money from people.

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