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    When the government turned into a democratically elected firm!

    It's pure marketing and the more you can promote yourself and the party your chances of winning will increase. This is evident from the election campaign of Mr Modi and Mr Amit Shah. They have managed the election so well that rather than the developmental work of the government people are crediting the election managing capabilities of the Modi, Shah duo for the big win of the NDA. Recently there is a news that Mr Prashant Kishor, the election strategist and vice president of JD(U) is going to help Ms Mamata Banerjee to win the assembly elections in 2021. He helped Mr YS Jaganmohan Reddy to win the recently concluded assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh and earlier helped the NDA to win in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

    We have heard about good managers in an organization who help the company to achieve huge growth. All the companies either sell products or provide certain services which undoubtedly need promotions. They need to reach out to people to let them know about the services or products they are offering. In the case of politics, what is the product or service that is offered to the countrymen? If the service of the politicians can be equated with their capability to manage the constituency and the country then undoubtedly the price for that service is the vote. If politicians are voted to power according to their developmental work why a strategist is required to win the elections? Has our democracy turned into a private limited or a government undertaking company?
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    A genuine question from the author. This is undoubtedly a question to be thought well.
    When Chandrababu Naidu was the CM of united Andhra Pradesh, people used to say that he is the CEO of the State but not the Chief Minister. He had a vision and he tried to make his vision a reality by creating wealth in the State by inviting many corporates to Hyderabad and made them start their companies in Hyderabad. I think Strategies are required for the ruling but not for winning. The good work done by the government should make them win the elections. But unfortunately, the case is different. The next election Babu lost. What I understand from this the people are not talking the good work or bad work done by the people to vote but they are getting influenced by the way they campaigned at the time of elections. This trend of the people is encashed by Modi and Shah. In AP the ways of Prasanth Kishore worked well and now he will be demand as the people who don't have any hope will go to him. The people are giving more importance to the promises than the work done.

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    The author has raised the issue well and requires detailed discussions. Frankly speaking, we should vote a party based on its performance and not merely on its marketing strategies. If a party makes itself more visible in the media with its advertisements of whatever jobs it has done for the public, it does not mean that we will be impressed by that and blindly vote for that party. So, the voter is also a responsible citizen and he has to consider all these factors before voting for a candidate or the party. If voter is mislead by the marketing Gurus then it is the fault of the voters also to some extent. Today we are in the age of computers and internet and every party will try to make best campaign in the media to woo the voters.
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    A good & well noted point to put forward. This Lok sabha election was solely a game of marketing & BJP knew how to promote them. This election, we never heard the contestant saying much about their achievement but they had the full media who was very well managed & played that a question was changed & interrupted with the one which was much in their favor. They played & defended well with focing & make people know only what they wanted them to know & this in turn got everyone's favor.
    One can understand the Rafale Deal was covered by the pulwama attack.
    Many schemes launched during the last 6 months of election.
    Sanctioning/ weivers of farmers loan
    Asking of riot becomes anti-Hindu or not Indian
    The marketing was done in such a way that it reminded me of the Frooti advertisement - Anyone remember about the one they used about a person's name & if anyone asked who he was was slapped saying " You don't know him", but actually no-one knew the person. Same was the marketing of this election - If any one ask question become or is termed as terrorist, in tolerant or asked to leave the country.

    People need to know that We live in a democratic country, We choose the Government & It should be always be kept the same way then they forcing us to choose them.

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    In the good old days, the performance of a party at elections was based on their work done for the people, a leader in whom they had unshakable faith. Slowly print media, radio, and television media were roped in for election campaigns, still, this was manageable. But with the chaotic explosion of internet and social media, the election campaign has turned into a literally virtual platform where the opposite parties fight the election rather than election manifesto or list of achievements.

    The author is very right in pointing out this major point on organization or strategist playing a vital role in bringing a party to power. This reminds me of the US elections wherein more than 50% of the campaign funds are spent on media canvassing. One thing is sure, the face of Indian politics has been changed by social media, strategists, and king-makers.
    I don't mind this as long as good work is done, if not, people will start doubting and shun the very leaders they elected based on what was presented to them as an attractive package.

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