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    When you live for a strong purpose, then hard work is not an option. It is a necessity.

    Sometimes, we make big aims or go for larger objectives which may prima facie appear to be unachievable or difficult. This situation comes in the life of everyone in one form or other and then it becomes a big challenge to achieve those goals. What is the way out and solution in such cases - that is the question asked by everyone facing such challenges.

    I strongly believe that if we fix difficult targets for ourselves then the only way to achieve them is dedicated and persistent efforts in that direction and in spite of hindrances and obstacles we should push the full throttle of our energies to attain those targets. There is no short cut or mediocre path to achieve the big goals in the life. In such situations hard work is a necessity and not an option.

    Please share your thoughts on this.
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    Very well said, If we have a strong purpose & we are determined to get it then, no one is required to push us, we ourself will take the full effort to achieve it.
    I remember the line from " Om Shanti Om" Movie where SRK says -(agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho to puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai." )If we are determined to get a thing then even the universe will help us in achieving it". The same play when we have a strong purpose, then it's not the hard work but determination which will make us work towards it without hesitation.

    “Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius

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    There is no short cut to success. Hard work is the only answer. In Mahabharata, Nanayya classified the people into three categories. The first one belongs to the category where they will never start any work thinking that it is impossible. They are the worst people. The second type people are who starts the work but they will get tired in between and leave the job unfinished. They are the middle people. The third type of people are who starts the work with a positive note, work hard, find out the solutions to the problems they face and finally come out successfully. They are the best people.
    Intelligence is optional but hard work is the main point for anybody to reach the goals and succeed in their lives. There is no alternative to hard work. Fixing high targets and not working hard is very bad and such people will never be successful in their lives.

    always confident

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    Setting aim, dreaming big, being ambitious is all easy. But the most difficult part is executing it. One needs planning, dedication, hard work and a bit of luck to succeed. Many students play cricket, in schools, colleges, and event the streets but only those with talent, hard work and persistence do well and start playing at the state and international level.

    Apart from hard work, one needs consistency, a vision and a proper plan with a time frame to reach the goals. I think, here is where most of us lag behind. Just this year at the 10th and 12 std exams, there were toppers who came from poor families, broken families, with a single parent, etc. To succeed in such a challenging background is no easy task. These underprivileged students helped their family and studied long hours with determination to become toppers.

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    There is no harm in having a big aim. Only thing is commensurate hard work is required to achieve it. That is the important part where many of us fail to deliver. So, we should remember that persistent efforts are more important than the high aims and goals in life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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